How to look awake after a sleepless night ?

How to look awakeHow to look awakeHow to look awake

If you followed my Instagram stories on Monday, you know I was “dead” after a nearly sleepless night. If there’s one thing that marks the end of your twenties, it’s surviving insomnia, sleepless nights and so on. You spend the day fighting and making sure you are presentable for the day…Until the evening and you promise yourself : “at 9pm, I’m in bed !”. So, I thought I was going to share with you my makeup tips on how to look awake after a sleepless night.

The physiological impacts of a sleepless night

When we do not have our sleep quota, several impacts on our body are identified as :

  • a state of fatigue,
  • difficult concentration,
  • cravings : indeed, during the night, we have hormones that regulate our satiety. So not getting enough sleep will have an impact on our weight.
  • drawn features : our skin looks gray,
  • red and swollen eyes,
  • a weakened immune system : when it is a sleepless night, our white blood cell count increases. Namely, the body reacts in exactly the same way when subjected to intense physical stress.
  • hypertension : Lack of sleep, whether due to regular insomnia or repeated sleepless nights, is a risk factor for high blood pressure and therefore heart problems.

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How to look awake after a sleepless night ?

Before moving on to makeup, I already advise you to take a good hot shower to loosen the muscles and then finish with a little cool water to wake you upespecially on the face to decongest.

The body will also need energy (coffee is an illusion) so make sure you have a balanced diet – with fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as proteins (animal or vegetable depending on your diet) because the latter will come release dopamine. Dopamine therefore dope will have an action on our state of vigilance. Also favor slow sugars or complex carbohydrates to avoid sugar peaks and craving for fast sugars.

Regarding the skincare, I like to use :

  • face mists like floral waters that will wake up the skin. For example, detox or radiance-type blends are perfect (Naobay Energizing Facial Mist or Embryolisse Rosamélis Beauty Water, for example).
  • a light moisturizing cream : perioral dermatitis obliges, I stay on light.
  • a gel eye contour : at the moment, I really like the Skin System Pro Age Smoothing Eye Jelly.

Make-up level, to look more awake, I like to use :

  • a peach concealer to correct the purple color of dark circles,
  • a luminous and light complexion product (fluid or cushion type),
  • a loose powder to bring shine and a little extra coverage,
  • a bronzer to structure the face and lift it,
  • an eyebrow product a little lighter than my usual shade to soften the eyes,
  • a golden cream or champagne products on the eyelid to bring light,
  • a brown kohl to flesh out the upper lash line,
  • a brown mascara to lift and soften the eyes,
  • a pearly kohl on the water line to fight against the red side of the eyes,
  • a flashy lipstick to distract from my tired eyes.

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How to look awake


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