What to do alone and be happy?

What to do aloneparc versaillesWhat to do aloneparc versailles

What is happening in the world right now confirms one thing to me : it is important to be comfortable with yourself in order to be able to live your life. In today’s post, I wanted to answer the question : what to do alone and be happy about it ?

What did the pandemic teach me ?

The pandemic and especially the period that we have been living for some time with the curfew and so on makes me say that society and politicians forget, even deny the social nature of the human being. We are gregarious animals who live in community. Imposing isolation or limitations of human contact can certainly make sense from a health point of view, but if we side with freedoms, rights and the very essence of human beings, isolation is destroying.

Being around fuels us with energy, lowers our stress and allows us to feel loved.

Yes, we are beings who need connection and this connection to one another. However, knowing how to be alone, autonomous is an extremely important element to flourish and find balance. Feeling good about yourself is essential if you don’t want to use the other to fill your own void.

What to do aloneWhat to do alonegrand canal versaillesWhat to do aloneparc versaillesWhat to do alone

What to do alone and be happy ?

Personally, I am looking for these moments. As much, I love being surrounded, spending time with the people I love ; as much, I like to be with myself. Sometimes I can decline an invitation because I don’t feel like it, the mood, etc. and sometimes I can force myself a bit to go out and see the world (I roll my eyes as I write these words !).

The important thing is to find a balance and above all to allow yourself to listen to yourself.

In the Paris region, we are still lucky to have magnificent places that we can enjoy and I invite you not to wait to be accompanied to go there ! Why not jump on the first train and go enjoy YOUR life ?

Here are some ideas that I hope you will find useful :

  • visit the Parisian parks : the Tuileries, the Luxembourg garden, the Royal Palace, the Monceau park, the Buttes Chaumont, etc.
  • walked along the streets near the Seine,
  • explore neighborhoods based on street art works : for example, at the moment, the artist Mika has partnered with the Paris City Hall to “Restore colors to Paris” by investing the Morris columns with works of art. original art (ends 3/18/2021).
  • visit tourist sites that are (partially) open to the public : for example, last weekend, I went to the Palace of Versailles. The site is closed with the pandemic but the park was open. Being able to enjoy the sun, the grand canal, see the castle in the distance, etc.
  • watch a movie : and really watch it. Often, with our Netflix and the like, we are both with a movie, our laptop or tablet or smartphone. Let’s do things conscientiously and decide to give our full attention to what we are watching.
  • listen to music, a podcast : same advice as for the previous point. Take the time to listen to what you are listening to, to understand the text, to sing, etc.
  • prepare a good meal : you don’t need to be a Top Chef candidate to cook a meal that will make you happy. With the internet and social media, there are thousands of easy recipes you can draw inspiration from.
  • taking care of your interior : organizing, tidying up, emptying yourself also contributes to feeling more peaceful inside.
  • do nothing.

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What to do alone


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