Who am I?

Behind the complicated name that is Marshmallowor(l)d hides a Christmas song that I particularly like “A Marshmallow World” by Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra. In addition to a haunting song, it reminds me of the wonder and joy of childhood that I love to keep in a corner of my heart. Plus, I love marshmallows!

To make it quick, you can call me Sarah. I am 30 yo and I have moved a lot but it’s in Paris area that I tabled my bags in 2015. This desire to get closer to the capital has come in symbiosis with the evolution of my little boudoir and a change in my professional career. If you are wondering what I do, I’m a psychologist. Graduated in july 2011, I worked since the beginning of 2012 in the Children Prevention and Protection.

A little, a lot, passionately!

I am fundamentally curious and when I was little, I had fun digging in the sand and gardens to find fossils. What a program!

Beauty : skincare, makeup, fragrance, all this universe attracts me since my childhood. For me, this is true of Proust madeleines because I made my first steps in a parisian perfumery. My lipsticks love comes from a time when I was painting my face with YSL lipsticks!

The beauty also depends on care that comes from within (cuckoo psy) and outside and I love chatting pampering!

Cooking : Before starting Marshmallowor(l)d, I had another blog focused on cooking “Cup&Cake – Les délices de Sarah“. It is online, however, I don’t post there anymore. That’s why I wanted to include my recipes in my little Marshmallowor(l)d!

Art : Photo, films, nature…I am also a contemplative nature and I like to watch! If I could capture everything, I would love it but sometimes it loses its poetry. And it would be a shame to live life behind a screen or an camera!

Writing : It all started when I was 15 yo. My French teacher had given me enough confidence that I dare to write my first words on paper. I started with poetry, short stories and especially fanfictions (especially Harry Potter – I am a big fan!). I loved to lock myself in my bubble and the interaction with my readers. Today I’m sharing my words here and I will maybe share a little more on the topic of “moods” with a bit more of personal things…

Why blogging?

It all started when I wrote my first stories writing in high school, the urge to have a space to share my thoughts was omnipresent. Blogging about beauty was nagging me since 2008 – when I discovered the first british blogs and tutorials. Tanya Burr, Zoella, Sprinkle Of Glitter, Pixiwoo were my first inspirations. Nevertheless, it took me several years before I started. But after some trial, I found my rythme, learned (and still learning) and I can’t stop. Blogging about my passions also made me discover the passion of blogging!


I started with a small compact camera of average quality (Sony Cybershot DSC-6W630). At the end of 2014, I invested in a Canon reflex, the EOS 700D with a 18-55mm lens to start.

I don’t use professional software, at least for now. My videos are simply edited with Windows Movie Maker and I slightly edited my pictures with Photofiltre.

Blog’s monetization

Even if it’s still at a small level, I wanted to talk seamlessly about monetization. 

Sponsors – I sometimes write sponsored posts when the proposed topics are interesting to me, that is to say, a brand offers me to write an article in exchange of products (or sometimes you can be paid). A mention “ad” (for advertising) is specified each time.

Affiliation – I practice affiliation with some brands eg via my banner ads in the right sidebar. This means that some links are tracked and if you buy in having gone through my blog, I receive a small commission.

Partnership – I have the chance that brands send me free products I’m talking about on the blog. However, I insist that I always choose by myself the products mentioned on the blog. Every word that I write are part of an objective process. As for the positive or negative side, I share with respect and good humor.

To build my posts and tests, I like to take a little time to achieve a real test of the mentioned products. I am a strand (or rather bluntly!) perfectionist.

At the moment, I don’t distinguish products that I receive from the products I buy (and I can tell you that I’m still buying a lot…). If you would like to have some sort of a code, please let me know!