Makeup with perioral dermatitis : my advices

Makeup with perioral dermatitis is a question that you have been asking me many times by email. I thought it was time to share what I could do, what products can be used in times of crisis, etc.

Make up with perioral dermatitis ?

Perioral dermatitis is a sterile “disease” so it will not contaminate your cosmetics or makeup products.

For now three years, I live with this inflammation of the skin – which can be chronic. Once it’s triggered, it can come back. However, by adopting the right routines, it is possible to live with rather quietly.

In times of crisis :

This is the most difficult period to manage. It is possible to wear makeup with perioral dermatitis. However, it is important to stay in the dynamic of detox cosmetics and apply only powders to the face. If you use a liquid foundation, the skin will not be able to get out of the inflammation because it will absorb the moisturizing component of the foundation. Concealer is not recommended in times of crisis for the same reasons as the foundation.

The face can be very red and swollen, the only way that can make this moment a little more livable is to slightly hide the redness with a powder type compact foundation or mineral powder. You can apply your powder with a brush or with a slightly damp Beauty Blender sponge. The softest way to apply the powder will be to lightly pat your face with your tool. You can apply the foundation powder all over your face, even under dark circles to unify your complexion. It is possible to combine a bronzer or a blush if you want to structure a little more your face. However, I advise you to keep your hand light.

Regarding the eyes, brush and re-draw your eyebrows to frame your eyes. You can add a touch of makeup on your eyes with a little eye shadows powder if you do not have too many pimples around the eyes (it was my case) and finish with a touch of mascara.

For the lips, choose your balms with attention – favor those formulated with natural emollients such as shea butter, etc. (organic lip balms are generally formulated in this sense). As for lipstick, it is possible to use your usual products.

In rest period :

When the skin is fine and it does not have inflammation, it is possible to wear makeup normally. As for skincare products, vigilance will still be put in the products used and their compositions.The advice I could give you is to avoid layering and too thick formulas that tend to suffocate the skin.

Makeup with perioral dermatitis : index of brands

About the brands, I have used several products and I can tell you those with which I did not have any problems in connection with perioral dermatitis. However, it is possible that your skin reacts differently from mine :

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 makeup with perioral dermatitis makeup with perioral dermatitis


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