Dior Candles, my review on this couture candle

dior candlesdior candles
If you didn’t know yet, I really like the Haute Couture maison Christian Dior – well, especially since Maria Grazia took over as artistic director ! The Dior universe makes me dream and I like to punctuate my daily life with little luxurious touches, including recently : candles. Yes, it’s a little splurge but it’s worth it for both the olfactory and decorative aspects. I tell you more in the post.

Christian Dior and interior decoration

Many Haute Couture houses have a decoration department in their collection. Dior is no exception to this rule. In the Dior home range, you will find both decorative items, stationery, dishes, linens and everything related to interior fragrances.

The house range incorporates all of the brand’s codes : cannage, toile de Jouy and everything Monsieur Dior was sensitive to : flowers, animals, etc.

If there is one item I would like to add to my interior : the Dior zodiac throw ! I fell in love with this piece from the last collection and I dream of it !

ambre nuit dior

Discovery of Dior Candles

Candles, although part of a fairly high price bracket : you obviously pay for the name of the house…can make great gifts for people who are particularly fond of the brand. Dior candles are therefore a beautiful object for its interior but also will tint your space with unique fragrances.

Dior candles are available in three ranges :

  • the toile de Jouy range : these blown glass candles are wrapped in the famous toile de Jouy print, available in its three colors (red, green, blue). It also comes in three sizes : small (€190), medium (€400) and large (€530). This range is scented with hydrangea.
  • the cannage range : these blown glass candles feature the iconic cannage pattern. Six colors are available. The blue, red and green candles are scented but no perfume details on the site. On the other hand, the silver candle has a Lily of the valley scent. The gold candle is scented with Golden Spices. The black candle has the Aromate Noir scent. The price is 190€.
  • the private perfume range : depends on the perfume department of the house. Dior uses its unique fragrances for an atmosphere of character. The candles are presented in white Limoges porcelain, the interior is enamelled by craftsmanship : very chic. The house has taken 8 of its fragrances from its private collection : Ambre Nuit, Bois d’Argent, 30 Montaigne, Fève Délicieuse, Figue Méditérranée, Jardin d’Orangers, Encens Mystique et Thé Osmanthus. This range is more affordable : €80 per candle.

bougie muguet dior

My opinion on Dior candles

I fell in love with two house candles : Ambre Nuit and Muguet in cannage packaging prior to the one currently sold (thank you second hand).

The design of the candles is elegant, brings a unique touch to your interior with the cannage code for example. The two perfumes that I have chosen totally seduce me. Ambre Nuit is now one of the perfumes that I could possibly wear : to see when the shops reopen so that this perfume can be tested on my skin !

The jars of these candles will be reused – like all the jars of the beautiful candles I buy.

The only negative point I will mention : the composition. For homemade ranges, the wax contains paraffin, a petroleum derivative. However, you know that I prefer candles made from natural waxes (coconut, soy). For the private perfume range, I was unable to find the composition. If that changes, I will update the info.

And you, have you ever tested Dior candles ?

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