How to feel good in your body and mind ?

feel good in your bodyfeel good in your bodyfeel good in your bodywhite bra lette

How to feel good in your body and mind ? A big question that affects us all. This question is all the more important at this time as we are going through a period of “depression” with many rules, a loss of individual and social freedoms.

Global pandemic and well-being

The current context, this pandemic has deleterious effects on our psychology, our emotions and feelings… As I said, we have a lot of deprivation, we are infantilized, our need for a social link denied…In short, we are losing some of our humanity. Beside that, our bodies – especially in winter, are taken into account less. How many of us deplore the closure of our gyms, the inability to do our dance lessons (I raise both hands high)…Many tend to compensate with food. It can help at times…but in the end, we risk getting stuck in a vicious cycle where we feel less and less well.

Personally, I think and I repeat that the pandemic is a symptom and not the problem itself. It is the symptom on several levels : ecological of a sick planet which suffers, social of a mode of functioning which gets stuck, individual of human beings in search of meaning, emotional which seeks to make its way in a superficial world of the image…

I remain hopeful that the greatest number of souls on earth will take this internal journey and turn away from the symptom to question the cause, the tip of the iceberg. Reconnect with our inner child, play archaeologists and unearth treasures ! These treasures that allow us to reconnect with who I am…It is in times of crisis like this that we sometimes transform our lives.

feel good in your bodywhite bra lettefeel good in your body

How to be feel good in your body and mind ?

You are going to tell me, it is all well and good your talk about the pandemic but when do you give us advice to feel good in your body and your head ? Of course, I could have given you a list with lots of things to do but first I wanted to share a moment of reflection, to open a bubble in which you may be able (I hope ! ) to reflect on.

I am now going to share with you little things that make me feel good in this very special period :

  • Stop comparing ourselves to others : let’s stop staring at this or that person in the media or social networks. Let’s focus on ourselves, Work and accept the history of your body : the means to achieve this will be different from one person to another. For some, this can go through a food rebalancing, psychotherapy, etc.
  • Move ! : Of course, we cannot travel, of course our gyms are closed…Nevertheless, I think it is extremely important not to disconnect from our body. For example, I do zumba 2 to 3 times a week via a Zoom group (yes, I know, we are fed up with this platform but in some cases it is very practical).
  • Going out : with the new curfew, we are even more in the famous adage “metro-work-sleep”… Personally, I work from home so I can generally modulate my time without having to refer to a boss…So, try to get out as little as possible to catch the daylight.
  • Eat colorful food : while respecting seasonal fruits and vegetables, try to prepare dishes with color to convey pleasant information to your brain. In addition, you will be full of vitamins, minerals, etc. which will allow your body to function at its best even more.
  • Take care of your appearance : if it’s something that speaks to you, don’t hesitate to invest it. Even though I work from home, I prepare myself in the morning. It allows me to be in a dynamic and an energy more in phase with myself than if I was hanging out in my pajamas. So it can go through clothes, makeup, perfume, etc.
  • Be in touch with friends : whether by phone or in small groups when possible. Feeling surrounded and loved has a major impact on our balance, so don’t hesitate !
  • Slow down : some had started this movement during the first lockdown while others had sought to fill their day and be super efficient…Everyone reacts in their own way but I think that slowing down, being in consciousness allows you to ‘be more self-centered. For example, now when I watch a movie, I really watch a movie. I don’t take the computer out to work (or I avoid 90% of the time – which is a real (r)evolution for me) or I don’t spend my time scrolling my phone.
  • Doing activities that you love : for example, photography for me is a real booster for my body and my mind. I love to put myself on my own stage, take pretty pictures like for this blogpost. I feel full of energy and power !
  • Hugs and more if affinities : Covid or not, we are social beings who need this connection to each other and touching it is extremely important. Sharing a hug and more if affinities (everyone puts what he/she wants behind) will release a cascade of hormones (oxytocin, endorphins, etc.) that will bring us a feeling of general well-being, of lightness, pleasure…

And you, what are the things that make you feel good for your body and your head?

Charley Elomi bralette

I have already done an article on this model of underwear. This is Elomi’s Charley bralette – this time I fell for the white model.

This bra falls under the category of bralette, but sexy bras. For me, we are halfway with the bustier and the bodice in the sense that the lace goes down to the waist (even if it does not hug the body).

The Charley bra offers a very modern style with a plunging neckline that will adapt to many outfits. Designed in a beautiful black lace, its 3-panel cups offer a curved chest, maintained and projected forward. As soon as I wore it, the comfort was there ! On top of that, I almost feel like I have “smaller” breasts with the design of this bra even though it doesn’t press the chest against the body at all.

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