Galette des Reines Philippe Conticini

galette des reinesgalette des reinesgalette des reines

On January 6, we choose the Kings as tradition dictates…But this year, we also choose the Queens ! With the house of Philippe Conticini, a feminine version of the galette is born : the galette des Reines. A treat to discover urgently !

Galette des Reines Philippe Conticini

This is a first in the world, the Chef Philippe Conticini x Les Éclaireuses are launching the Galette des Reines.

Indeed, the two founders Melody Madar and Chloé Sabban wanted to make their media the spearhead of modern, free and independent women. The first cake that celebrates the women, all the women in our lives, for Epiphany.

This year, the chef presents in addition to the traditional galette des Rois, the galette des Reines. The epiphany will be under the sign of equality within my Philippe Conticini house. We find the signature elements of chef Conticini: almond cream, rum, puff pastry. In short, everything you need to satisfy our taste buds. A galette just as greedy as that of the Rois version, completed by a generous almond disc that pays homage to Women, by drawing a delicate profile of one of them – even all of them. The new ingredient for 2021 is : equality.

A collection of 6 fèves signed Guy Degrennes with a word :

  • courageuse : a true inheritance, she finds the strength to help you get up when she herself has fallen,
  • unique : often copied but never equaled. No one can reach his feet, it’s really impossible to be like her,
  • passionnante : you can listen to her without ever getting tired because her stories are told so well that you would believe them,
  • généreuse : this is what they say about a woman who shares the last piece of the cake even when she is very hungry,
  • indispensable : part with it? Oh never! And even when it is far from the eyes, it stays precisely close to the heart,
  • merveilleuse : the one that shines like a mirror ball by its mere presence and presence without even needing a sequined dress.

If you pull the fève, it is up to you to designate your Queen who corresponds to the word, in order to offer her this delicate attention. A second crown slips with the Galette des Rois to offer it to the woman you choose. Whether it’s your mother, your daughter, your sister, your grandmother or even a friend, there is bound to be a Queen of your heart to whom you will want to pay homage !

The galette is sold at 38€ for 6 people. Personally, I would have said 8 because the portions are generous ! Available in store or online.

épiphanie 2021épiphanie 2021

My opinion on this cake

For the Galette des Reines, we therefore find a traditional composition of a Galette à la Conticini : frangipane, raw coarse almond powder, Viennese puff pastry, amber rhum point, 100% almond disc. In short, it is gourmet and full of emotions.

I like its design with the almond disc that brings a touch of modernity to the galette. Once in the mouth, it’s light and not too sweet. We have this little hint of fleur de sel which adds dynamic to the whole and also enhances the taste of this pancake. The touch of rum took me on a journey and what I really liked: the texture. The puff pastry is light and crunchy, the almond disc is ultra melting – between praline and chocolate, then the frangipane: generous, with crunchy pieces…In short, a treat !

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