How to avoid the effects of maskne

avoid effect of maskne

Have you ever heard of the maskne ? This is the contraction of “mask” and “acne” that makes perfect sense in times of COVID-19. Wearing a mask, made compulsory with the health crisis, is not trivial for the skin : suffocated, it dulls, reddens and can even be covered with small, more or less painful pimples. Today, I wanted to share with you around how to avoid the effects of the “maskne”, as well as some additional tips in the context of perioral dermatitis.

What is the maskne ?

With this pandemic, we have a dermatological pandemic linked to wearing of masks. For the skin, it is a real ordeal with its share of skin side effects, ranging from a simple itching to breakouts of acne, itching, rosacea or eczema or, in the context of perioral dermatitis, a period crisis (inflammation).

Even if you’ve never had any skin problems, you may well be concerned.

How to avoid the effects of maskne ?

In the video, I’m sharing several tips to regulate the unwanted effects of wearing a mask. Depending on your problem, also book a appointment with a health professional.

Choosing the right mask

First advice that may seem obvious : choosing the right mask. Personally, I prefer the fabric to avoid the over-pollution associated with disposable masks. If you choose fabric, choose a 100% cotton or silk mask, washed daily.

Personally, I prefer silk masks. Why ? Silk appears to repel water better. Silk masks would therefore make it possible to fight more effectively against the coronavirus, which is transmitted mainly by respiratory droplets. According to scientists, silk is also believed to have natural antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Known for its softness, silk causes less friction. The choice of a silk mask would therefore be interesting for sensitive skin or those prone to acne or any other skin inflammation in adults.

Let your skin breathe

As I explain in video : as soon as you don’t have to wear the mask, don’t wear it : at home, if you are alone in the car, etc. It is necessary to allow the skin time to breathe so that it does not “macerate”.


Which skincare against the effects of maskne ?

If you have acne breakouts, you can try the following products :

  • H2O at Home – Skin Balm : A Roll-on of essential oils, essential to survive minor everyday injuries: superficial burns, insect bites, small scratches and pimples of all kinds. Composed of essential oil of fine lavender, Roman chamomile, peppermint as well as oily macerate of rosemary, lemon and immortelle.
  • Indemne – Déboutonnez-moi : unclogs pores, absorbs blemishes, soothes, helps in healing and overcomes acne problems or large pores. 100% natural, this product combines essential and vegetable oils extracted from lemon, carrot, oregano and cinnamon.
  • QirinessWrap de Nuit Éclat Parfait : this mask delivers active ingredients that help your skin fight against damage caused during the day, thanks to a detoxifying action and an ultra-gentle peeling effect.
  • Evoluderm – Charcoal mask
  • Evoluderm – White clay mask
  • Paula’s ChoiceSkin Perfecting 2% BHA Fluide Exfoliant : Daily exfoliating lotion without rinsing. It eliminates dead cells and fights blackheads and blemishes.

If you have dry skin, be sure to :

  • hydrate yourself well : water, water, water,
  • moisturize your skin with a suitable fluid cream. Do not necessarily bet on “rich” formulas which will nourish your skin more (in fat) and not hydrate (water your skin).

In the case of perioral dermatitis, I invite you to :

  • make your skin breathe as much as possible in order to avoid the “maceration” effect,
  • limit cosmetics : no layering, choose light aqueous formulas, floral waters,
  • favor powder foundation makeup : avoid foundation which will create an occlusion,
  • leave on black tea compresses if the inflammation starts,
  • see for occasional treatment (drugs on prescription),
  • favor silk masks.

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