Zero waste grocery shopping in Paris

Zero waste grocery shopping

As you may know, I have been limiting the packaging of what I buy for a few years now. I am far from being zero waste but my daily choices are increasingly oriented towards this movement – especially in terms of food. If I have an option, I would choose cardboard packaging over plastic packaging, etc. In this post, I wanted to share with you my zero waste grocery shopping in Paris.

Grocery Shopping in Paris

This is a real topic ! Depending on the neighborhood or your suburb, shopping will be more or less easy. There are neighborhoods where there is a choice between “classic” food shops, supermarkets, organic stores, etc. Depending on our budget or what we are looking for, we may sometimes be required to go outside our neighborhood. Finally, it is quite rare to do your shopping in one and the same place – in any case, I do not know about you, but I flit between 4/5 places. I do not go there every week but during the month, I will “vary the pleasures”.

When it comes to zero waste, there is not a plethora of options in intramural Paris. There are brands that can have “zero waste” spaces, but 100% zero waste stores are not that many.

In this post, I will focus more on food products. Here are the main intramural addresses :

  • Biocoop ADN (Anti Déchet Nation) : in this store, you will find fruits and vegetables, bread, dry products (pasta, rice, flour, coffee, cereals, etc.), cold cuts and butchery, beauty products and maintenance, some cans and jars, zero waste accessories such as (gourds, straw, jars, etc.).
  • Day by Day (18 in Ile-de-France including 7 in Paris Intramuros) : at Day by Day, you have access to almost all bulk maintenance products (there is a lack of a product for wood but other than that, everything is there), dry (pasta, rice, flour, coffee, cereals, etc.), a large choice of spices and condiments (oils, vinegars, olives, mustard, etc.), zero waste accessories (gourds , kitchen towels, water filtration accessories), cosmetics (skincare AND make-up).
  • L’épicerie Kilogramme : a little far from my place, I’ve never been there before. This unpackaged grocery store provides easy access to artisanal and local products. The place also offers DIY workshops (cooking, cleaning products, cosmetics, etc.)
  • Vins en vrac : As in the cellars of yesteryear, at Vin en Vrac you bring your own bottle, or you buy a returnable bottle on site. A real good plan, since the economy of the bottle and the stopper allows the price to be reduced by around 40%. The little extra : you will also find strong alcohol in bulk.
  • Entre pots : this grocery store offers fresh and dry.
  • Du vert en bocal : offers fresh (vegetables, fruits, breads, creamery, caterer), dry groceries, cleaning products and cosmetics.
  • Negozio Leggero : first Italian franchise that limits prices with the environment in mind. Everything is plastic free. Interesting point for those interested, there is an e-shop on the website !
  • B-vräc : this grocery store offers all types of organic food in bulk, as well as cleaning and hygiene products.

Zero waste grocery shopping in Paris : the cheapest ?

Among these addresses, I know Biocoop ADN and Day by Day well. I did not have the opportunity to visit the other grocery stores. However, I wanted to give you a little comparison on everyday products to see which is the cheapest !

Quinoa : Biocoop ADN – € 9.80 / kg

Brown lentils: Day by Day – 2? 95 € / kg

Buckwheat flakes: Biocoop ADN – € 10.95 / kg

Day by Day – 11 € / kg

Small oatmeal: Biocoop ADN – € 2.95 / kg

Day by Day – 2,85 € / kg

1/2 brown rice: Biocoop ADN – 4.35 € / kg


Farfalle: Biocoop ADN – 3.29 € / kg

Day by Day – € 3.90 / kg

Brown rice : Biocoop ADN- € 3.40 / kg

Integral brown cane sugar: Day by Day – € 6.95 / kg

Eggs: Biocoop ADN – € 0.43 each

Day by Day – 0.50 € / piece

Edible bicarbonate: Day by Day – € 3.80 / kg

Liquid detergent: Biocoop ADN – 3.45 / L

Day by Day – 4 € / kg

Lemon dishwashing liquid: Biocoop ADN – 2.30 / L

Day by Day – 4.25 / L

White household vinegar: Day by Day – 3,25 € / L

In conclusion, the Biocoop ADN grocery store seems cheaper overall on the majority of the products compared. I intend to expand the list of products on this list as soon as possible – indeed with this Covid period, I had a little less opportunity to go to these shops and am more through Kazidomi (especially during lockdown ! ).

And you, what are your addresses for doing your bulk shopping ?

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