Embryolisse launches its new mist : Eau Active Water


At the start of the fall 2020, Embryolisse released a new product that caught my eye. Indeed, you know my passion for face mists since I discovered my perioral dermatitis. Face mists are therefore part of my routines, both morning and evening, and I am going to present you this new product that I have been testing for a month !

Embryolisse launches its new mist : Eau Active Water

Embryolisse already has mists in its skincare range (between us, I love Rosamélis Beauty Water, a real treat). In this fall, the brand wanted to draw inspiration from a Japanese medical technology officially recognized as beneficial for health in Japan and Korea : the ionized treatment mist.

An ionized treatment mist allows, in a single gesture, to :

  • sooth,
  • illuminate,
  • protect and
  • cleanse face and eyes.

Embryolisse has adapted the ionized mist for cosmetic use – which allows you to work small miracles on the skin : this multi-function treatment combines the benefits of thermal and micellar water. It is rich in minerals and by its charge of negative ions.

As with all ionized mists, Embryolisse has released a compact 100ml spray format.

How to use Embryolisse Eau Active Water ?

L’Eau Active Water wishes to integrate into all routines, whether morning or evening.

In the morning and evening : you can use it as a treatment mist – to bring comfort and soothing to the skin. As for a “classic” thermal water : sprinkle it, let act a few seconds and dab gently (with your fingers or a clean cloth).

Embryolisse also proposes to use this mist as a cleansing-makeup remover mist : spray and wipe with a cotton pad as many times as necessary.

Warning : Do not use to set makeup – since the product will “too” wet the skin.

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My experience with the Eau Active Water

For those who have been following me for a while, since 2016, I stopped cleaning my skin in the morning because of my perioral dermatitis (know everything about this skin disease). On the advice of my dermatologist, I switched to thermal water or mists with certain natural ingredients such as floral waters, etc.

Therefore, using a treatment mist in the morning is part of my reflexes. I don’t even think about it anymore and when I can’t spray something on my face, I don’t feel good !

What is pleasant with the Eau Active Water is the quality of its diffusion : the mist is fine but dense. This allows you to quickly cover your entire face and décolleté. In addition to an immediate feeling of freshness and awakening in the morning, the Active Water will really wake up your skin, energize it and above all tighten the pores. It provides a small boost of hydration while having an anti-pollution effect. Since using it, I have noticed that my skin is less “dirty” at night – as if it had been under a bell, a shield. The skin will therefore be more luminous as you use the Active Water.

As for the makeup removal, depending on the products you use, it may be sufficient – otherwise, for me, it is not sufficient to tackle this task. And, I find it a bit of a mess to use this mist as a makeup remover – but that is up to me.

Anyway, this mist has found its place in my skincare routine and I am delighted.

Have you tested it ?

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