Qiriness Body Wrap range : my review

qiriness body wrapqiriness body wrap

In winter, I pay particular attention to my skin – especially because of the cold. Having a basic dry skin, winter upsets my skin balance and I can end up with crocodile skin on my legs (call me Ramplestilskin) – even if I hydrate regularly. Qiriness, a brand that I particularly like, has a Spa range for the body : Body Wrap and I wanted to see what it looked like.

Qiriness Body Wrap range : my review

If you are not familiar with the Qiriness Wrap range, it is a line of products dedicated to recreating the world of the Spa at home. In the Wraps, you have it for the face and the body. Here I will take a look at products for the body. This range for the body is called Qocoon.

Qiriness has developed sensory treatments with unique textures to relax our senses and offer us a well-being break. In this range, we find seven references :

  • Body Wrap Exfolys : this is a body exfoliant with a double biological-mechanical action. This ultra-soft, foaming, easy-to-rinse exfoliant renews the skin of the body. It stimulates circulation and promotes cell renewal while cleansing and eliminating impurities and dead cells.
  • Body Wrap Hydra-Supreme : the main action of this moisturizing balm is to repair the epidermis. Its texture is rich and enveloping.
  • Hydra-Freshness Body Wrap : perfect for the hot season, this sorbet cream is an escape for the body. It has a light texture and a refreshing effect that will wake up and energize the body.
  • Caresse Mains Velours : a rich and restorative cream to soften the hands in cold periods or in times of pandemic which leaves our hands damaged by washing with soap or hydroalcoholic gel. Hydra
  • Repair Foot Wrap : the big trend in skincare socks is available at Qiriness with this product. Impregnated with a cream rich in oils and natural active ingredients, these socks nourish, repair and soften the feet.
  • Hydra-Repair Hand Wrap : These gloves are also impregnated with the same formula as the Hydra-Repair Foot Wrap. The hands are soft and ultra soft after this treatment.
  • Relaxing Milky Bath : with this aromatic effervescent pebble, transform your bath into a relaxing getaway. Its moisturizing, soothing and remineralizing properties leave the skin feeling silky and soft.

The range is distinguished by its pearly pink packaging.

qiriness body wrapbody wrap exfolys

Qiriness Body Wrap range : my review

In terms of packaging, I quite like the tube format which allows easy daily use – whether it’s for the scrub in the shower or the cream.

The products in the range all have an ultra cocooning sensoriality, as the range is committed to offering. The fragrances of the products are delicate, feminine and enveloping.

The Body Wrap Exfolys scrub is an extremely pleasant exfoliant to use – especially if you have sensitive skin. It will not irritate the skin thanks to its very rich and soft formula. It eliminates dead skin and leaves the skin silky in a blink of an eye. I love using it once during my week to give myself a little self care moment !

The Body Wrap Hydra-Supreme cream is as its name suggests : supreme. Its formula is super rich and requires a little effort to make it penetrate well. Usually, I make circular movements to relax myself but also to give my body a little boost. For winter or very dry skin, this treatment is ideal because it will really soften, repair and moisturize the skin on a daily basis. With its scent, almost no need to perfume, the associated notes are super sensual.

qiriness body wrap

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