Which makeup on a budget ? My advices

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Several of you have asked me to share advice about makeup on a budget. I have prepared a tutorial for you but here are some tips to keep in mind so as not to explode your beauty budget.

Social networks, influencers and capitalist society

From social networks, we are more and more the target for commercial messages, advertising, etc. Every day, we are solicited by about 5,000 advertising messages : the logo on the clothing of people we meet on the way to work, sponsored content on applications and other websites, emails or advertising banners that we see appear after looking for a product, in short…It never stops.

We can feel oppressed and especially have this feeling that whatever we do or buy, we will not be good enough, not trendy enough, that we will not have access to happiness…However, we do not need of all these products to make us feel good about ourselves and make a success of our life. Make-up must remain fun and adapted to your desires/values.

makeup on a budgetwool dress lookmakeup on a budget

Which makeup on a budget ?

In order to reduce the cost of its makeup products, several tips are possible :

  • have 2 or 3-in-1 palettes : there are palettes which combine products for the complexion, eyes and sometimes the lips. This allows you to have everything you need in one place.
  • optimize the use of your products : for example, a lipstick can be used as a blush, matte eye shadows to reshape your eyebrows, etc. Make-up is meant to be inventive !
  • shopping on private sales sites : for example, the Beauté Privée site regularly have offers on major makeup brands. This allows you to have fun without overheating the credit card.
  • take advantage of promotions or sales on our favorite brands : there are regular offers and other promotions throughout the year. If you subscribe to the newsletter of certain websites, you may be kept informed of current offers. On the other hand, in order to avoid cracking up all the time, with each offer, keep a small book of your products. If you’re not missing anything, don’t buy !
  • buy new products second hand : on Vinted, it is quite possible to buy new products, not used, at reduced prices. I was able to buy perfume and Dior products, in particular. It’s worth taking a look.

A look with multiple possibilities

In the tutorial I’m sharing with you today, I created a look that can be worn both daytime and evening with a brown smokey eye.

I used the matte eyeshadows from the palette for my brows and my lipstick served as a blush !

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makeup on a budget


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