Total cream look : which pieces to wear ?

total cream look total cream looktotal cream lookoatmeal turtle necktotal cream look

Last fall, I really wanted to create a total cream look ! Still, it’s not my color…but I was tired of wearing dark in winter. As much in summer, I am always in white, blue and pink, as much, in winter, apart from navy blue, black, I didn’t have much in my closet. So I wanted to share with you the idea around this look and how I created it.

Total cream look : how to find your look ?

When I buy clothes, I always wonder how these pieces will fit into my wardrobe. If you’ve been following me for a while, you might know that I’m the conscientious buyer and avoid hoarding type. I pay attention to this idea of ​​a “capsule wardrobe”.

In order to achieve this total cream look, I was going to have to choose pieces that I was sure to wear, that is to say a skirt + top or a dress since I very rarely dress in pants. At the same time, I also wanted to find a long cream or beige coat to complete this look.

I invite you to find inspiration on Pinterest which allowed me to have an idea of ​​the style of pieces and their cuts that could click for me.

As for accessories and shoes, I bet on pieces that I already had. The OGGI bronze velvet stole which brings a touch of chic, the pearls (necklaces and earrings) are also from OGGI and the shoes are Sartore boots.

woman winter lookshooting tuileries gardenwoman winter lookTotal cream lookturtle neck outfitTotal cream look

Woman winter look

I found the faux leather skirt and turtleneck at H&M. I looked for second hand but I couldn’t find anything I liked and I didn’t want to make a big mistake regarding sizing. Exceptionally, I bought fast fashion (you know, I avoid as much as possible).

The skirt has a tulip cut that gives structure to the silhouette. The sweater is a bit oversized and has the nice detail of this brooch that I hung on the turtleneck. However, I didn’t leave the collar in its classic shape : I decided to wear it a little pleated but not rolled up.

When we go for a total cream look or any other color, it is important to play with textures and materials in order to avoid a “too flat” effect.

As for the coat, I made the deal of the century (I get carried away a bit…) on Vinted. This is a vintage coat in perfect condition, made in France, 50% wool and 50% cashmere that I got for 40€. I could never have had such a cool and qualitative piece in terms of manufacture at this price with a new piece ! I am delighted with it and since I have it, I wear it ALL THE TIME !

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