Makeup routine : the easy nude look

Makeup routineMakeup routinelook nude

I’m taking you along my makeup routine to achieve a nude look, which adapts to all situations ! These shades adapt to all profiles and desires. If you are looking for a new look to slip into your morning routine, look no further !

Morning routine

As much, some people don’t like the routines as much as my little morning rituals, I love them! My morning routine is organized in much the same way whether it is the week or the weekend!

I get up, I undo my bed and I ventilate the room. Either I have breakfast straight away, or I go in the shower to wake up and I continue with my skincare / makeup routine and then I eat.

In the morning, I like to take my time and I always plan between 1 and 1:30 to wake up and do the little things that make me feel good.

And you, what is your routine?

Makeup routinelook nudeMakeup routine

Makeup routine : the quick and easy nude look

When I don’t know how to apply makeup or when I only have fifteen minutes to put on makeup, I do this type of look : easy, effective, chic in a few brushstrokes !

Generally, I start with the complexion : with either a base (if I have imperfections, you know this time of the month…), a light complexion product and concealer. I always fix with powder and structure with a bronzer.

Then, I pass to the eyes. I always structure my eyebrows to define my face. Then, I pass to the eyes. To achieve this nude look, I start with a satin color like gold or champagne. Then, on the outer third, I’m going to use eye shadow in the browns to create a slight smoky effect. To make everything even more even, I use a matte shade in the crease of the eyelid. I always like to thickened out my upper lash line with a bit of pencil, either black or brown that I just blend. I apply two good coats of mascara and sometimes a pearlescent pencil in the mucous membrane.

As for the lips, I like to apply something fresh with a light color in the pinks.

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