Staycation in Paris : my experience at Mama Shelter

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If like me, you are looking for getaways, experiences outside your home while we are immobilized due to a certain virus… I invite you to look at the options to take you a hotel night ! This weekend, I took advantage of Easter Monday to book a Staycation in Paris. I’m sharing my experience with you here.

What is Staycation ?

Staycation is a website where you can book a hotel experience near you (or not, normally). Sales start on Wednesday 9 a.m. for the next 4/5 days.

On the hotels offered, the company offers deals such as discounts, spa experiences or, with the pandemic, dinner sometimes included.

It is a way to afford a break a few kilometers away, to get away from your daily life and to discover exceptional, confidential places, etc.

The entry price is around 130 € in the Paris region for 2 people up to 1000 € if you want to live the time of a night in a luxury palace in the heart of Paris.

You can go solo like me, with a friend or your bestie/crush/partner.

Staycation à ParisStaycation à Parismama shelter pizzaStaycation à Paris

Staycation in Paris : my experience at Mama Shelter

For this first Staycation experience, I booked at the Mama Shelter in the 20th arrondissement. I have fond memories of when I was there about 6/7 years ago. It is a trendy hotel, decorated by Starck.

The rooms are arranged in a simple and ergonomic way. When you come back, you have a small station with a water point, cupboard including micron-waves and the mini-bar. Then come the bathroom with a walk-in shower, sink and WC. The products available at Mama Shelter come from the Absolution brand, an organic brand that is very nice to use. The packaging is personalized to fit into the Mama Shelter universe.

The bedding is comfy and there’s nothing quite like sleeping on freshly starched white sheets !

The rooms are well soundproofed (in any case, I didn’t notice anything in particular). The cool part is having access to a catalog of movies recent enough that they weren’t on Netflix et al. Suddenly, I was able to have a movie night and watch three films that I had not had the opportunity to see !

For dinner, at Mama Shelter East, it’s pizza. When you arrive for check-in, you can choose the ones you want (for two people, two pizzas) and the same process is repeated for breakfast. The pizzas were brought to my room. Breakfast had been prepared for the requested time and I went to look for it in the lobby.

By booking with Staycation, you have little extras including a little welcome, something to do you good with Korean face masks and little candies ! Like it or not, it’s a nice touch.

After this evening at Mama Shelter via Staycation, I can assure you that I will come back to the platform to make another small city break on occasion. It feels good to get out of your daily routine – even if you love your home. I was able to explore more of a district that I did not know. I had a real “chill” evening, the toes giggling. I even had fun making lots of content for the blog and that’s a bonus !

If you want to live the Staycation experience in Paris or in your city, do not wait any longer !

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