Female nudity : between naked body & sexualization

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Female nudity is something that has surrounded us almost always. We find it in all forms of Art – and this since Antiquity. Then, it came to punctuate our media : newspapers, magazines, advertising spaces, screens, etc. What to do with this nudity ? How to understand it ?

Naked body

The body is a big subject in our cultures, our passions, our personal developments, our life experiences. Everyone has a relationship with their body – whether they are naked or not, whether they are comfortable with it or not.

The body is an object of study : to understand this mysterious object – which behind the skin houses organs, various tissues, fluids, etc. The body is fascinating by nature. The body has been painted, sculpted, dissected, etc. in all its states in order to understand it : its functioning, its reactions, its role.

And then, the body came to be the object of taboo : modesty, the genitals, the manifestations of this body, sexuality,…

The body had to be hidden. And all the more so when it came to the woman’s body. There shouldn’t be too much bodily freedoms. Length of skirts, various and varied bodices – are so many small prisons of the body. Moreover, when it comes to the right of women to dispose of their bodies, religions and politicians are unleashed. Again in 2021, governments rolled back certain freedoms around the right to abortion. More often than not, it is men who come to decide what women can and cannot do with their bodies. So, there is abortion, assisted reproduction, violence against women…In short, these questions are disturbing and are quickly bent with this barely concealing idea of ​​”we should not give them too much rights because afterwards, they will abuse it”. For example, when at the beginning of the year, the advertisement on the free of hygienic protections was announced in order to fight against menstrual insecurity, many detractors opposed the idea of ​​”women will abuse it”…The notion of need is completely gone and above all, what do you want us to do with tampons if not protect ourselves during our period ? We do not use tampons to infuse our teas or water our plants while we are away…

Female nudity body acceptance

Female nudity and sexualization

Very often, if not too often, female nudity is associated with sexuality. The body is almost systematically seen through the prism of sexualization, and even more precisely of hypersexualization in our image societies (capitalist). Sex sells so we’re going to put naked women on anything and everything. The woman and her body will be objectified for our own pleasure.

Do you want to sell a car ? Put on a woman in a swimsuit ! Want to sell a cold drink ? Put a sexy sweaty woman next to it !

There is a difference between seeing someone naked, like a woman, and sexualizing that someone’s nudity. Nudity or any piece of skin/body that reveals itself/guesses is not inherently sexual.

There is this automatism which is : nudity or any clothing/accessory pageantry that society (rape culture + patriarchy + sexism) attributes to a potentially sexual stimulus = the other wants to turn me on so I can afford, I have even the right to sexualize this naked body or dressed in such and such a way. Finally, the body of the other belongs to me more than it belongs to him/her. I impose my desires on the body of the other.

So…how to do it ? How to be yourself ? Dress as I wish ?

Female nudity

How to re-appropriate your body ?

This will go through a de-construction of the socio-cultural-religious bath in which we each grew up. It is to get out of the prejudices, the shortcuts, the injunctions that have punctuated the discourse of our entourage, our relational landscapes.

Deconstructing also involves having new experiences. When I have known a single model, which I did not question, I have no other benchmarks. So, yes, losing your bearings is uncomfortable. Creating new ones helps to know where he / she, you, I am. And, these benchmarks can evolve, be reassessed over time. Nothing is fixed. The important thing is to listen to yourself, to your desires, to your desires.

Reconnecting to your sensations is also an essential point. How do I feel in its rightful place in its body when I am not listening to all the messages it can send me ? There are obviously several levels to reconnect to its sensations. This already goes through the 5 senses : hearing, sight, smell, touch, taste but also through feeling my body : how is it today ? For example, in the morning, I like to do a self-scan. How are you feeling ? In your skin ? In your organs ? What is your body showing today ?

Listening to your vibrations is also something that punctuates my daily life. Example from this morning. Cool temperature…I put on a black wool dress in automatic mode. Thirty minutes later, I changed because the black did not match the vibrations I wanted to send back on this day. It was not in line with my state of mind.

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