Prescription Lab : discover my test and opinion

In today’s post, I will share my opinion on the box Prescription Lab that I tested for a few months. As you know, I’m not very a box person but I was curious about these compositions that I found elegant when I saw them on social networks.

Prescription Lab : the box

Prescription Lab is a beauty box whose philosophy is that Beauty is not limited to cosmetics and it resides essentially in a balance between your mind and your body.

The promises of this box is to put “science at the service of nature allows the development of effective formulas, the right composition, without unnecessary components.” Their products are imagined with in Paris and come alive in their laboratory of the capital.

“Our products are packaged in Europe, (Belgium, France, and Italy, Germany for our make up products).”

Working without other intermediaries, the brand wants to be the first 100% digital French beauty brand. Their cosmetics arrive directly from their labs to our bathroom.

Every month, the brand creates content consisting of :

  • One product of the Prescription Lab brand : this is a product size selling Prescription Lab that meets seasonal needs through to its effective formula and its natural origin ingredients.
  • Two beauty products : one in sale size and the other one in travel size of partner brands selected according to our beauty profile.
  • Prescripteur, the lifestyle magazine that concentrates good beauty advices, the opinion of women who look like us, decorative inspirations, fashion to escape from everyday life.

The brand offers three formulas :

  • a monthly subscription, without engagement, for 19.60€.
  • a three months subscription for 56€.
  • an annual subscription of 222€.

Prescription Lab : box received

I subscribed for three months and I received the boxes of November and December 2018 and the one of January 2019.

November Box :

This box contained :

  • a shower milk from Bee Nature, classic format, which is a natural brand of apitherapy.
  • Pure State Vitamin E, classic format, which is a targeted care to fight against cutaneous aging of the skin.
  • the Biotherm Total Renew Oil, travel size, which is a cleansing oil.
  • a hand cream Karité + Sweet Almond Prescription Lab.
  • a vanity Gabrielle Paris x Prescription Lab which is a pretty kit that I received in bordeaux.

In this box, I received a Anti-Stress hydrating mask by Prescription Lab instead of hand cream – which I think is a gift for the subscription.

December Box :

This box contained :

  • the Sulwhasoo ritual, travel format, containing 4 steps to nourish, revitalize and rebalance the skin.
  • The Erborian Ginseng 0.09 Touch, classic size, is a compact powder to unify the complexion.
  • The Prescription Lab eyeshadow pen, classic size, is a shade eyelids in a stick of a golden shade.
  • Cicavit + Cream SVR, classic size, is a soothing care for irritated skin that is suitable for the whole family.
  • The Regard des Vagues from Alcoologie, classic format, is an eye cream.
  • Velvet pouch from Prescription Lab (received in black) .

Box from January :

This box contained :

  • a Hibiscus + Mulberry Face Mist from Prescription Lab, classic size.
  • Menos Mas Matcha Mint Mask, classic size, which is a purifying mask.
  • Rituals Sakura body cream in travel size.
  • Samples from the new Dior Capture Youth range.
  • a Prescription Lab striped cotton pouch.
  • a mint Prescription Lab notebook.

Prescription Lab : my opinion

By discovering the box have been conquered by the design and identity that the brand drive. At the same time class, refined and feminine, it was a pleasure to discover what contained the parcels.

In terms of products, I find that the quantity/quality/price ratio is honest. What I also liked was the magazine Prescripteur and lifestyle posters that we can hang in our interior. It’s a very nice little touch of the box.

As for the products, a majority of skincare – whether face or body and a bit of makeup. Overall, I was able to discover categories of products that I can use in my daily routines. By opening the beauty boxes, I never said “oh no, that I will never use”. The selections appeared to me well thought out.

The products of the brand are interesting to discover. I like the fact that some are in travel size because it is always convenient when I go away on a weekend.

In comparison with other box, it costs a little more (4-5 €). However, this difference in price is justified with the search for good quality products (including skincare) without being “bling bling”. If we add up the prices of the box products at real prices, the subscription is advantageous and makes it possible to test products of a more “luxury” range without breaking the bank.

The only remark I can make is that I received the box of November and December at the same time due to a problem delivery. However, Prescription Lab sent me an additional product to apologize. I received Dr. Jart + Ceramidin cream gel in classic size. I find the gesture very commercial from them.

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