How to purify your home : sage, palo santo…

how to purify your home

This week, I shared on my social media that I was purifying my home with white sage. Several of you have asked me why, how, etc. so here is an article on how to purify your home.

Purify your home : why ?

For me, our house, our interior is an extension of ourselves. Clean it, organize it, dust it off, etc. is part of taking care of yourself.

There are reflexes that we should all have on a daily basis such as :

  • ventilate the rooms : It is important to change the indoor air (about 20 minutes per day). This helps to boost the energy of the house. Usually I do this in my morning routine or open everything up. For example, in the morning, I open my bed, that is to say, I put the quilt at the foot and I open the windows in order to refresh, eliminate microorganisms, etc. When you make your bed, without airing, well all that macerates.
  • tidying up : we all have a relationship with tidying up that is specific to us. However, being surrounded by chaos is not always favorable for posing your ideas. Personally, I am inspired by the KonMarie method.
  • sort : allows you to get rid of objects, things with stagnant energy. It just dampens the atmosphere. I often have the instinct to sort twice a year, especially clothes – even if I consume more than I reasonably expect fashion. This allows us to see what we have, what we still like or more, what could be damaged, etc.
  • cleaning : it is not my passion but a purified house also requires a clean house.

In addition to this, our environments store up our emotions which are vibrations. Anger, sadness, bitterness, disappointment, etc. all this comes to invade our living spaces and it is not a splash of “good sense” that will come to clean this imprint.

how to purify your home

How to purify your home ?

There are several techniques to purify your home. You may have seen me use white sage, but there is also Palo Santo wood.

White sage

It has been used for centuries to purify holy/sacred places. Cultivated in the Americas, it is in the Amerindian tradition that the plant takes on its importance, whether in cooking, for medicine or finally during shamanic ceremonies. Its silvery, perennial leaves are all soft and comforting, as if covered with fine spores giving them a peachy skin appearance to the touch. In a fumigant stick, they are dry, and the opaque smoke that emerges from them has a very special scent. Some people love this smell.

Personally, I find that it smells quite strong but once ventilated, it does not bother me at all.

Palo Santo wood

The wood of Palo Santo or “sacred wood” in Spanish has been used since the dawn of time by the peoples of South America for its purifying and soothing virtues. The smell of this wood is pleasant, sweet, woody and above all unique.

Palo Santo is one of the natural methods of purifying the atmosphere in the home and dissolving negative energies. This wood is used to attract good luck and ward off any sign of negativity. The smoke given off by the combustion of palo santo allows you to find a calming space. This method is called fumigation.

The smoke from palo santo can also be used to purify minerals and natural stone jewelry.

When to clean with white sage ?

There are no fixed rules on this. Personally, I go through it every week because with my activity, I receive a lot of vibrations, emotions, energies from the people I accompany. All this dresses me up and comes to drop off at my house so I have rituals that are a little more sustained than others. However, you can do a sage or Palo Santo wood cleanse when :

  • Your heart tells you : It’s never too much. If living or returning home causes stress, anxiety, tension, or procrastination, consider performing a cleansing ritual.
  • At key times of the year or of your lives : A move, work in the house (especially when you have fresh paint, sometimes with toxic components), if someone died in the place, if we we are an argue, a separation, a mourning, or during the solstices, the new Moons, etc.

How to perform a purification ritual ?

To purify requires opening up a space. Get in shape by disconnecting from the world : turn off the phone, turn off the computer. Open all windows.

Prepare your fumigating stick of white sage or palo santo (available in esoteric shops or on the internet). Light the end of your stick with a match. Let it burn off a bit, then blow on it to thicken the smoke. Keep a cup underneath so that combustion debris does not fall anywhere. Carry the stick around all the rooms, going around the rooms clockwise and towards all the walls, nooks and crannies. The smoke must be able to wander everywhere and caress all the walls.

You can accompany this ritual with clear intentions, a thought in your head that accompanies your actions and your approach.

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