Pastel makeup : embrace this trend !

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With spring, we may be drawn to lighter, brighter colors, etc. All the more so as the fashion at the moment of flashy and pastel colors. We therefore want to integrate these nuances into our daily lives. This weekend, I had fun doing my makeup completely differently and I thought I was going to share with you some tips on pastel makeup and how to ride the trend !

Spring trend

For a while now, there has been a big comeback of pastel colors in fashion. What appears in fashion does not take long to find its place in our bathrooms through various make-up and co. Palettes. It reminds me of the 60s or hippie, the bardot looks with the gingham and the big flower earrings !

Pastels are therefore found in our makeup palettes, whether powder or cream. Sometimes easier to integrate into our daily life : colored liners are a fun and easy option. Let’s not forget the lips : admittedly more difficult to integrate into a daily look – especially with the mask but to be considered for people to whom it speaks and pleases !

Pastel-colored makeup is more often associated with matte, but you can also find variations with satin or glitter effects.

All you have to do is choose from the plethora that exists !

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Pastel makeup : how to adopt this trend ?

Today I am going to focus on eye makeup which is the style that I can easily wear on my own.

To add a touch of pastel to your look, several options are possible :

  • in gradient : you can see rainbow makeup with a fade of all possible pastel colors.
  • Duotone : very fashionable and modern, “duotone” makeup as I call it consists of applying one color to the entire eyelid (for example, blue) and to the lower lashes, another color (for example, purple).
  • graphic : whether with a liquid liner or a kohl pencil, the line is very graphic in the trends of the moment. The graphic style can also be associated with eyeshadows. What is very retro is to apply a pastel color on the eyelid and frame it with a liner (for example, like a classic liner on the upper lashes and then at the crease of the eyelid).
  • minimalist : it is this technique (it is not so much a complex technique as a style). What I call the minimalist technique is applying – with your finger, in particular, a color in the inner corner of the eye to about the middle of the eyelid. The further away from the internal hollow, the more degraded the color. You can also do the same by pairing a second color on the movable eyelid – another take on the two-color look.

So, tempted ?

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