Poached pear with spices & frangipane

For New Year’s Eve, I wanted a light dessert, so I went on the idea of ​​a pear poached spice! I remember enjoying it at a holiday dinner with OGGI and loved it. It was fresh, perfumed, in short, this dessert was a revelation for me! So I tried to recreate this type of dessert with my own twist.

Poached pear with spices & frangipane : the recipe


4 pears (not too ripe)

100g of sugar

500ml of water

2 stars from Badiane

2 seeds of cardamom

20g of butter

1CS of icing sugar

50g pistachios and almonds mixed

Pear poached with spices & frangipane: the steps

Wash and peel the pears. Keep the tail. From underneath the fruit, hollow out seeds.

Boil the water with the sugar to obtain a syrup. Then add star anise and cardamom. Reduce the heat on a medium power and remove the pears. Let them cook about half an hour, while turning them regularly. Once the pears are cooked, put them to drain and cool to room temperature.

Meanwhile, mix the dried fruit with the sugar and the butter. Place the pies inside the pies and present the dessert in cups or plates.

Roughly crush a few more pistachios and sprinkle them over. Finish with a mint leaf.

For the pear syrup: do not throw it, it can accompany the pears or serve in the making of another dessert as a cake rolled. It will then serve to punish the sponge cake.

Variation: If you can find tonka bean, grate half a bean in the syrup before plunging the fruit.

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