Discovering Neroli Fragrance

Neroli Fragrance is a timeless perfume. We find it in the creations of famous houses and is generally a note appreciated by a large amount of people.

Néroli Fragrance : definition

Neroli essence is an essential oil produced from the flower of the bitter orange that is a pretty little white flower. At the origin of the name, Anne-Marie Orsini, Princess of Nerola (Italy). She adored the white flowers that she used to put everywhere, in her bath, her clothes, her palace…It is therefore natural that her name was given to this essence.

The Neroli essence looks like yellow gold. However, care must be taken not to confuse Neroli oil with orange blossom oil. They are extracted from the same flowers, but orange oil is extracted from a solvent. Neroli is part of the olfactory family of hesperidia.

Neroli is therefore the name given to the essential oil obtained from the distillation of orange blossom (as opposed to the absolute orange blossom obtained by extraction, which keeps the original name).

Néroli fragrance : the sweet notes of Neroli

Its scent is at once floral, rich, suave and hesperidated, zesty, orange. It is used in colognes, fresh waters and some floral notes.

The initial smell is hesperidated and very tart. Then, this smell alternates between the acidity of the bergamot and the sweetness of the mandarin. Gradually, the notes become more opulent and look like a huge floral bouquet. In the background, it remains a very sweet fragrance, even greedy.

For some, neroli echoes memories of childhood, fresh sheets, the happiness of family holidays, the madeleines that our grandmothers realized…The sweet notes of neroli bring a feeling of tenderness, heat.

Néroli fragrance : my perfumes

In my perfume collection, I have three neroli-based fragrances :

  • Neroli Facétie by Roger & Gallet : It is part of the Extraits de Cologne range. Neroli Facetie is a fragrance that I describe as creamy. It’s enveloping and full of joy.
  • Grand Neroli from Atelier Cologne : is an elegant, classic and refined Cologne. Grand Neroli has something very soft and round with a touch of vanilla.
  • Neroli Intense by Nicolaï : This fragrance has a slightly more mixed identity – even masculine compared to previous fragrances. Neroli Intense has fresh, slightly fruity and watery notes vibrating in harmony. This perfume is very chic.

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