A week end in Prague : the cityguide of Yoan & Sarah

Last November, I had the chance to go to Prague for a few days. As usual, I will come back on this week end and share with you what I could do and discover.

The team I went with was great and of course there was my “partner in crime”: Yoan! Always have a good time exploring a city together.

Week end in Prague : transportation

Escape to the Czech Republic is very fast and easy. Several companies offer flights, including low-cost (Ryanair, Czech Airlines, etc.). For the first time, I went through Czech Airlines. The price for a return trip has returned to a small 150€. Perhaps by booking more in advance, you can benefit from an even more competitive price.

On the other hand, I do not know if it was related to the strikes but we were 1 hour late on each flight – which is a bit boring.

The time of flight is approximately 1h45. Once you arrive at Prague airport, you can go to the city center easily by taxi or uber. Indeed, no public transport is direct from the airport. In terms of time, the taxi will take about half an hour, public transport, minimum 1 hour to 1h30. We have personally favored the uber.

Once there, if you found accommodation in the city center, it is not necessary to use public transport. We basically made the heart of the city walk and a little tram. The distances are quite short. Of course, if you want to explore the wider city, public transport will be welcome.

Week end Prague : language

Obviously, if like me you do not speak Czech, do not worry, English is common. Sometimes you also have a few people who speak a bit of French.

It’s pretty easy to get by on the spot – personally, we have not been in trouble.

Week end Prague : accommodation

As we left with the association, part of the stay was already booked. We stayed in Prague 1, the historic center of the city. For the extra day, we chose a slightly more affordable hotel.

The first hotel was Clarion Hotel Prague Old Town. The hotel was really comfortable, nicely decorated. We were lucky enough to be in a huge room – suitable for people with reduced mobility (all are not) and we had a lot of space ! Overnight at the Clarion Hotel costs between 60 and 80€.

The second, Metropolitan Old Town Hotel, is next to the Clarion Hotel. We did not have to cross the whole city to settle in again. This hotel is of a standard a little lower than the previous one but quite sufficient for a short stay. However, we had a problem with the heating that was almost non-existent in the room. The front desk was not helpful in justifying that the heating was collective.

In both hotels, the breakfasts were perfectly adequate. There was a mix between savory and sweet to suit the greatest number. I also tasted a bread with seeds of cumin – traditional Czech bread, which I liked very much !

To choose, it is best to stay in Prague 1 or Prague 2 in order to enjoy the tourist attractions. The accommodations are affordable – you should find your happiness in just a few clicks.

Week end Prague : motto

The day before the weekend, I remembered that the Czech Republic uses Czech crowns (1€ equals about 25CZK). Besides, I was not the only one to have forgotten. Nevertheless, depending on your bank, you can pay by card or withdraw at a lower cost.

Personally, I pulled out once and after, Yoan – who has an international card made me advance and we made our accounts afterwards.

Week end Prague : food

Since we were part of a program, part of the meals were taken care of. For others, we improvised.

I took the whole team to a delicious vegetarian restaurant : Maitrea. Everyone was captivated by the tasty and vegetal cuisine of the place. In addition, the decor was exotic – very zen ! We feasted so much that we went back a second time ! We then ate two lunchtimes on the go. We tested a little at random : Au Gourmand which is a coffee that is inspired by French cuisine. You will find croques monsieur, lasagna, salads, etc. – as well as pastries. Everything is homemade. On the day of departure, we ate at Nostress. This is a design bistro, where you can eat on the go sandwiches and other salads or order on the menu. The sandwiches were good and fresh. However, the place being a bit trendy, the bill was a little more expensive.

We also tasted the trdelnîk that is present as a traditional Czech cake. However, after some research, it turns out that it is more of a tourist trap than anything else. Nevertheless, it is a simple snack, which warms and pleases the biggest numbers.

Week end Prague : the program

The city center of Prague can easily be visited by foot as I said. The old town is full of architectural treasures to discover. Here are some places to see and where to walk :

  • the Charles Bridge : a famous 14th century structure that crosses the Vltava River.
  • the Prague Castle : overlooks the city. the merry men of the Bohemian crown are preserved there.
  • the Prague Astronomical Clock : is located on the Old Town Square and dates from the medieval period. Every hour until 9pm, the clock comes alive with automatons that attract lots of tourists!
  • St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague : seat of the archbishop’s palace and the largest church in the country – Gothic style.
  • the  Dancing House : designed by the architect Franck Gehry.
  • the Powder Tower in Prague : one of the most famous buildings in the city. It is the boundary between the old city and the new city.
  • the Old Town Hall : the town hall and clock tower in Gothic style.
  • the Josefov Jewish District : is known as the ancient Jewish City of Prague, whose preserved monuments (synagogues, town hall and especially the cemetery) are fascinating witnesses to the ancient history of the Jewish community of Bohemia . In the neighborhood you have the Old New Synagogue, the Pinkas Synagogue, the Spanish Synagogue, etc. A ticket sold with a course in the heart of the district that allows you to explore all the monuments.
  • the Jerusalem Synagogue : a magnificent building located in the district of Nové Město is worth a detour.

Prague is the city of Franz Kafka, so you can visit its museum and see the statue in the Jewish quarter of Prague.

Prague is nicknamed the city of a thousand steeples. With its old castles, elegant bridges and hundreds of steeples, the Czech capital seems straight out of a fairy tale.

The architecture and culture of Prague has been marked by more than 1,100 years of history. This medieval city is known for its romantic charm, with its grand castles, richly decorated churches and elegant bridges.

Our stay allowed us a great discovery – I hope this article will help you organize your trip !

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  1. Ninette L'Angelier
    18 January 2019 / 1:09 am

    Qui n’a jamais entendu parler de Prague, la « capitale magique de l’Europe » ? Très cosmopolite, paradis des piétons, des férus d’histoire, des fêtards et des amoureux, la ville est véritablement photogénique le jour et follement animée le soir venu.
    Découvrez les meilleurs endroit à visiter à Prague en 3 jours? comment partir?ou se loger?

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