New Year’s Resolutions : how to make and keep them

How to make (and keep) New Year’s Resolutions ? We talked about this during this last Sunday’s #ThéPsy live and like in yesterday’s, I wanted to gather all my advices in one post.

How to make (and keep) new year’s resolutions ?

To review our resolutions allows us to take a step back and realize what we have accomplished during the year. Sometimes we feel like we are not making any progress at all. Nevertheless, we moved forward. However, if we do not stop and look at what we’ve accomplished, we can pass by and miss out on what we’ve done !

Personnally, I amused myself to make a list as a Prevert one :

  • 1 boyfriend,
  • 2 appartement moves,
  • 3 travels in foreign countries : Porto, New York City and Prague.
  • 4 years of blogging,
  • And so on…

It’s up to you to review your year as you’d like : according to the different aspects of your life (professional, personal, social, etc.) or by month, or even according to your experiences, moments of awareness, different meetings, success, enjoyments, etc…

There are periods of the year when it is more appropriate to make a review : at the beginning of the year, the fall in September, etc. However, the moments of reviewing are the one you chose for yourself.

New year’s resolutions  : my advices to make and keep them

There are key moments in the year which brings us to introduce a new dynamics, a change, etc. As I explained in yesterday’s live, here is my advice to keep up with our resolutions in the long term :

  1. Choose our resolution, its goal for ourselves : to want to change for other people is good…However, real change can only happen for real if we decide to make it happen. We are in charge of our lives, we are the creators of our fate. Think of what is important for you in term of development and well-being.
  2. Choose one or two axes (maximum three) on which you want to work : it is important to target your actions to focus your energy on them.
  3. Decompose your main goal into objectives : sometimes, the final goal takes time. So these objectives can make your motivation last longer – as we need to think about it in short-term. For example, your goal is to lose 10 kilos, decompose it to milestones of 3 kilos. When you reached a first objective, congratulate yourselves ! We need to acknowledge our success ! Then do not hesitate on offering you flowers, one pampering moment, etc. Find what pleases you.
  4. Repeat, repeat and repeat again : so that a new thing, a change over time becomes more of a habit, we need to repeat it. It needs some effort. Around thirty repetitions are needed on a daily basis so that a new gesture is integrated completed into our everyday life. It takes a little bit of patience and some time !

New year’s resolutions  : my resolutions

In my case, a resolution implies a profound change. It is not something that I do when I’m bored but rather a need to live closer to what I believe in.

To me, there is no “good” or “bad” moment to initiate a change. Most of the time, the moment you feel like you need a change is the best time to make the change ! There is no need to wait for an hour, or the week after, or January to start.

In 2018, I made different changes : I tried to reduce waste in my kitchen, I took some time to take good care of my back, etc.

For 2019, I want to continue to care for my back – to take good care f myself in general, and support a professional change !

What about you ? Are you making any resolutions for the year to come ? If that is the case, what are they ?

I wish you all a Happy New Year 2019 !

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