Discovering the real french nougat

French nougat : a traditional delicacy that we often associate with Montélimar. Nevertheless, I always tasted nougat in Provence – when I went there younger. In small craft shops, I feasted on different varieties and especially the crunchy almonds under the tooth. At the 2018 Salon du Chocolat, I made a great discovery : Nougaterie des Fumades. With my friend Suzy, we were captivated by the stand with beautiful colors and homemade sweets more appetizing than each other !

In addition to a beautiful stand, the couple Dura, who founded the Nougaterie, are passionate craftsmen with whom we had a lot of fun to share.

Nougaterie des Fumades : history

Behind the Nougaterie Fumades, hides Sylvie and Philippe Dura, Masters craftsmen. Their nougat factory is located at the foot of the Cevennes.

The Nougaterie can be visited and immerse you in the scent of honey, caramel, almonds, etc.

The Dura couple put their passion at the service of taste and especially French nougat. I learned that the French nougat is regulated by a strict dosage and it takes at least 30% of whole almonds pruned so that this confectionery can claim the name nougat. At the Nougaterie des Fumades, it is not 30 or 40% but 50% of French almonds (by the way) that make up the nougats. The other particularity of the house is to put more honey than sugarwhich produces a nougat melting in the mouth and much less “sticky on the teeth”. This is also why their nougat has a more golden color than white.

Nougaterie des Fumades : the products

As I explained, Nougaterie is distinguished by its nougats. I have tasted few of them and the most that the house offers is a wide variety of flavors and variations that can even serve you in your dishes and recipes. My favorites are for Caramel with sea salt flower nougat, Blackcurrant nougat and Chocolate almond nougat.

The Nougaterie des Fumades also offers confectionery such as marshmallows (made with fish gelatine), candied fruits, spreads, chocolates, pralines, nougatine and candied chestnuts.

I could taste the marshmallows and they were delicious with real fruit puree. They melt in the mouth and are not too sweet.

The other crush was for spreads. They are prepared without palm oil. By the way, the list of ingredients is short and clear – a quality product with good basic ingredients. I tasted three versions: intense chocolate – dark chocolate and no milk, chocolate with olive oil (2017 winner of the competition Le Gard, militant du goût) and hazelnut caramel. All these spreads are excellent, authentic taste. I will not fail to recommend their products on their e-shop !

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