Masks cure by Laboté Paris

The Laboté shop has a new look and the brand has launched a new concept: the masks cure. I’ve already told you about this brand that I like a lot and that my skin appreciates a lot. You can find my posts here and there.

Masks cure by Laboté Paris : the concept

As for all its products, the masks cure is made to measure following a diagnosis of skin. Then a pharmacy doctor prescribes a three-month masking cure depending on the biology of the skin. A prescription is given indicating the dosage of mask capsules to be followed week after week, in addition to a routine of daily skincare. The Dr in Pharmacy, therefore identifies during the consultation the rate of hydration, nutrition, sensitivity of the skin, sebum production, tissue density and microcirculation. After determining the condition of the skin, Laboté identifies at least two needs on which to act.

The masks cure includes four varieties of masks for four targeted actions :

  • the moisturizing mask : for dry skin,
  • the purifying mask : for skin with imperfections,
  • the smoothing mask : for all skin types,
  • the soothing mask : for sensitive skin.

The cure will therefore consist of different types of clay masks to provide a global care of the skin. One mask per week to work on a specific action. Three months is the average time to treat an imbalance of the skin.

The cure masks is formulated based on clay. Clay is a classic in cosmetic masks but I discovered that I did not use it optimally. As Lucile Battail explains, the founder of Laboté :

A number of them use clay care but we found that they do not use it optimally : they leave the clay dry on the skin during application, thinking that it has once the skin is tight, the clay has very good absorption properties and therefore tends to pump the water out of the skin and to dehydrate it. You should always use a spray during the application so that you do not let it dry, so that it cleanses and releases all its benefits without dehydrating the skin.

The masks are composed of 89% natural ingredients (including clays) and 11% ingredients from green chemistry. They are without endocrine disruptors, silicone, paraben and other preservatives. The formulas are custom made in 24 hours : so we are in fresh cosmetics. Each mask consists of a subtle clay dosage coupled with the effectiveness of active ingredients extracted from medicinal plants, ensuring targeted efficacy for each skin.

The masks are in the form of capsules. They take on a smooth texture on contact with water. Thus, their components do not dry, and all their essential minerals can penetrate the lower layers of the skin without attacking it.

The masks cure costs 30 euros for a mask per week for three months.

Masks treatment by Laboté : my opinion

I discovered with pleasure the new visual identity of Laboté. Aesthetically, we are in a very apothecary, elegant and vintage style.

The concept of the cure of masks seduced me. Indeed, it boosts your complexion, to pass the change of season and the changes of temperature, to help it during the holidays, etc. Moreover, to be able to realize your mask on the moment, to have the right dosage of clay and to use a fresh product, without preservative.

The textures of the masks are all very soft and fresh. My prescription is composed of moisturizing, soothing and smoothing masks. It’s been a month since I started the cure and I saw the first results. The first is the comfort brought to my skinespecially with temperature changes. Unlike usual, where I can chained diffuse redness, dry areas, etc. This year, I did not suffer from these inconveniences with the cure. In parallel, I find that my skin is less gray and my complexion is smoother.

The ritual of the weekly mask is an appointment that allows you to take care of yourself, to ask yourself to cocoon.

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