Gluten and dairy free crumble

The winter was prolonged, I had a craving for crumble with the last winter fruits. I wanted to prepare a gluten dairy free crumble. Indeed, I had not done one since I cut butter and wheat flour from my diet and I thought it was time to improvise!

The crumble is a real cocooning dessert, which we share around a tea on Sunday with family or friends…So do not wait to prepare one!

Gluten dairy free crumble : the recipe

4 apples

2 pears

30g grated coconut

50g rice flour

70g gluten-free muesli

100g coconut oil

80g rapadura sugar

50g crushed almonds

Preheat the oven to 180°C on rotating heat.

Peel, seed and cut the fruit into pieces and put in a baking dish.

Melt the coconut oil and pour all the dry ingredients to create the crumble dough. Sprinkle it on the fruits.

Bake the dish for about 35 minutes. The crumble must be golden and the fruits melting.

Let cool and taste as it is or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

gluten dairy free crumblegluten dairy free crumblegluten dairy free crumblegluten dairy free crumble


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