Naturally cure a cold sore

I am not at all prone to cold sores. However, about ten days ago, I had one which came to stay on my upper lip. However, I’m not used to having one (the only one I had to date from years ago…that’s to say!), I did not immediately think of a sore. Indeed, I was in my menstrual period and I had a lot of little pimples coming out…So, I just thought it was a hormone-related acne. So much so that I pierced the pimple – except that we know that for a cold sore, it is strongly discouraged! After three days of pain, I had a flash of genius realizing it was a cold sore. I did not run to the pharmacy to treat it but rather wanted to see what I had in my essential oils to treat it. I wanted to share with you how to naturally cure a cold sore!

Naturally cure a cold sore : which essential oils?

Several combinations are possible when we search the internet for “recipes”. Personally, I used three essential oils: tea tree essential oil, peppermint essential oil and lavender aspic.

The essential oil of tea tree is a must for skin problems and especially fungal infections. It can be used every day for small pimples and impurities. That’s why we find it in many cosmetics for problem skin.

The essential oil of peppermint makes it possible to fight against difficult digestion (an ally for the day after a feast), nausea and vomiting (both related to stomach flew or motion sickness), migraines, fatigue and allows to calm itching.

The essential oil of aspic lavender calms burns (1st and 2nd degrees) and sunburns, bites and stings (spiders, gadfly, jellyfish, wasps, etc.), fungal infections, dry or oozing eczema

It is also possible to use the essential oil of Niaouli (which I do not have in my collection).

Naturally cure a cold sore : honey

Honey has been used for centuries and is one of the most famous alicaments: anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, it also makes wonders on the skin. Indeed, it will help healing. It acts on inflammation by regenerating the skin. Its alkalinity prevents the proliferation of bacteria in the open air and improves the oxygenation of wounds. It has a power called “osmotic”, that is to say that attracts and sucks out the toxins of the skin, as does the clay for example.

Honey is therefore a product to have all the time in its closets because it can bring you a SOS solution in times when you need it most. Personally, I always have in stock for sore throats…but I did not have the reflex to use it for the skin. Since I had this episode cold sore, I also use it for a heel injury that I can not get rid of. In a few days, honey has been more effective than the “healing” creams that I used until then!

Obviously, the quality of honey is important. I always buy mine directly from the producers.

Naturally cure a cold sore : which recipes?

To naturally cure a cold sore, several solutions are possible. You can use honey alone when the sore is not out yet. However, in my case, the sore was very budding – especially since I had pierced…Even if I had disinfected and pierced with a needle, I strongly advise against doing this on a cold sore .

Cataplasm for cold sore:

  • 10 drops of essential oil of lavender aspic
  • 20 drops of essential oil of peppermint
  • 1 tablespoon of honey

I mixed everything in a small bowl and applied it with a q-tips almost every hour. What I also did is apply a pure drop of tea tree essential oil before depositing my cataplasm for the first time.

Obviously, glamor is not at the rendez vous but after a few hours, the sensation of burning and discomfort had mostly disappeared. The wound was clean and a crust was beginning to form. The next day, the button was barely detectable. I continued the poultice at night for three days and everything went back to normal in less than a week. To continue the regeneration of the skin, I used a lip balm I had that is formulated with propolis and beeswax from the brand Secrets de Miel.

I hope these tips will help you and finally, I find it much more satisfying to treat this type of inconvenience with what nature produces than drugs that are much more aggressive for our body!

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