English Fields, the new Jo Malone spring collection

English Fields is Jo Malone‘s new limited edition. I was Lucky enough to be welcomed by Céline in the shop at the Carrousel du Louvre for an exclusive discovery of these spring creations.

English Fields: the collection

It is Céline Roux and Mathilde Bijaoui who reiterate their partnership for English Fields. For this new collection, the English countryside was the starting point to capture the essence of the fields, colors and tones of these landscapes. It’s all the harvest tradition in Britain, a true field festival that is celebrated with English Fields.

English Fields innovates by using cereals as a raw material (such as wheat, barley and rye) which are combined with floral, fruity, spicy or woody notes. Inspiration has led the brand to release five fragrances that allow us to explore on a wider spectrum what our Mother Earth can offer us.

As for all these ephemeral collections, Jo Malone propose new pacakgings. Those of English Fields opaque and take a look inspired by ceramics. The colors are pastel and combine what we could call a sky color (blue, pink, white, green and peach) and an eath color (shades of grey, brown and taupe). On these flasks, Jo Malone wants to capture the richness of the colors of English landscapes between earth and sky.

English Fields : the fragrances

Poppy & Barley

In this creation, we dive into a barley field in which the flaming poppies dance with the wind. Poppy & Barley is very soft, lightly powdered with its white musk and a juicy freshness that blackcurrant brings.

Poppy & Barley is my favorite of the collection.

Primrose & Rye

With Primrose & Rye, it’s the promise of sunny days. Primroses, joyful and colorful, combine with corn, coconut, mimosa. A smoked touch with rye and spiced with vanilla transports us into a sensual and sweet wave.

Oat & Cornflower

The appetizing and creamy smell of oats harvested in the fields that radiates with hazelnut, cinnamon and sandalwood. This warmth is balanced by the freshness of lavender and vetiver bringing an aromatic note to the whole. Oat & Cornflower combines a sensual femininity.

Honey & Crocus

Bees flying over the colorful meadows and landing on the flowers to drink their nectar, Honey & Crocus is an invitation to treat ourselves with these notes of honey that finds all its light with the crocus flower and English lavender. Soft, slightly sweet but especially enveloping with a touch of almond milk.

Its fragrance reminds me of two ranges of body products that I particularly like: Almond Milk & Honey from The Body Shop and Amande from L’Occitane.

Green Wheat & Meadowsweet

The freshness of spring captured with green wheat, the acidity of grapefruit, combined with the sweetness and whiteness of the meadow-queen. Vetiver is still a beautiful place in this creation. The tonka bean brings a touch of warmth to this creation.

English Fields : my opinion

Again, Jo Malone does not fail to surprise us by using uncommon ingredients in perfumery. I like the idea of ​​taking inspiration from all that nature offers us and cereals have a dimension so playful that I think the creations on this subject are just beginning!

With its five fragrances, English Fields covers the spectrum of all the fragrances families: floral, aromatic, fruity, woody and spicy. Everyone can fall in love with this collection!

What I also like is the look of the bottles that gives a touch of pure authenticity and nature to the whole product. The perfume also becomes a decorative object. Personally, I like to integrate them in my interior.

English Fields (55€ 30ml)

English fields jo maloneEnglish fields jo maloneEnglish fields jo maloneEnglish fields jo maloneEnglish fields jo malone



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