Perfect natural complexion makeup routine

perfect natural complexion makeupnatural makeup

Since the beginning of the year, I have started the adventure of creating a private Facebook group on perioral dermatitis – since many of you are still consulting the blog on this subject. I wanted to create a caring and exchange community on this subject. Recently I received a makeup request and decided to share my perfect natural complexion makeup routine !

How to have a healthy skin ?

On this point, we are not equal, the quality of the skin, its appearance depends in part on our genetics. There will be skin types that naturally have a smoother, more even appearance than others. Suddenly, it is true that when we are part of this category of people, we have less difficulty leaving our skin bare or with very little make-up. Having a healthy lifestyle and (really) appropriate cosmetics without overdoing it also helps.

Personally, I’m pretty lucky. Apart from suffering from perioral dermatitis, I have overall smooth skin, without particularly pimples, spots or small signs of aging (I’m watching them !).

I grew up with the idea that makeup was there to emphasize natural beauty and not completely transform the face like all the trends that we see more and more. Moreover, I shared on my Instagram story my dismay at makeup videos where women apply the foundation in layers of three centimeters. To me, the skin should look like skin !

foundation personal dermatitisnatural makeup

Perfect natural complexion makeup routine

Those who follow me, both here and on the networks knew that I have “light” hand regarding the quantity of foundation products I apply. I don’t like to feel my skin suffocate under makeup. Even though with perioral dermatitis we can put on makeup, I avoid overdoing it. I repeat : personal dermatitis is not going to contaminate your cosmetics, it is a sterile disease. However, it prefers powder formulas to cream formulas.

Today, I’m going to share with you the products that I use regularly – not necessarily all at once, but which serve as a daily basis for my makeup in the event of a “non-crisis” of perioral dermatitis.

Currently the moment I’m applying :

  • Embryolisse Fluide de Teint (shade 02): you often see it appear in the tutorials that I’m sharing on Youtube. It is a fluid formula (as its name suggests) super light. Its coverage is therefore light with a glowy/healthy glow finish. The result is not caky and will correct irregularities while transparency, reduce the appearance of pores and smooth the skin texture in a single gesture.
  • 24h Studio Fix M.A.C concealer (NW28) : this concealer is extremely pleasant to use. It does not move or crease and offers good coverage. The shade I chose is a bit pinkish so I tend to combine it with another concealer that’s a bit more golden beige.
  • Embryolisse Soin correcteur anticernes (beige): one of my favorite products that I regularly show on the blog. Easy, which does a good job of correcting dark circles while moisturizing/smoothing that area of ​​the face.
  • Poudre Dermophile Stériliée T.Leclerc (natural) : since I started using this product, I’m loving it ! This powder brings that little extra touch of coverage when I combine it with the Complexion Fluid. It makes it possible to mattify without giving a caky effect. The powder is very fine and very pleasant on the skin. I even wear it simply combined with my concealer.
  • Embryolisse Poudre Compact Bonne Mine : for the whole face (universal shade) or to structure my face, this powder will really give your complexion a healthy glow.
  • Hyaluronic Pressed Powder By Terry (0. Colorless) : this powder is a dream in itself. It will mattify without removing the glow. Its formula is absolutely fine – I love it!

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perfect natural complexion makeup


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