In The Frow Banana Bread recipe

In The Frow Banana BreadIn The Frow Banana BreadIn The Frow Banana Bread

If you’ve been following me for a while, you should know that one of my favorite bloggers/content creators is Victoria Magrath. I love hier style, her energy. I had the chance to meet her three times in Paris and she is always super smiling and sparkling. Yesterday, she shared in a story that she had remade the Banana Bread recipe from In The Frow and I said to myself : “Hey, I have three very ripe bananas. I’m going to test her recipe.” Precisely, in her story yesterday, Victoria said that she had added peanut butter and banana chips…I was completely influenced !

In The Frow Banana Bread recipe

Victoria’s recipe is gluten and dairy free. I have already shared a recipe for gluten-free and dairy-free banana bread but I had replaced the wheat flour with rice flour. Here, Victoria replaces flour with oilseeds (especially almonds) and coconut. It is a “healthy” recipe in the sense that there are no processed products, white sugars, etc. However, this banana bread is relatively high in calories because it is rich in “fat”, good fat, of course, but fat nonetheless. So consume in moderation – if you have the strength !

Compared to her recipe, I removed the cocoa nibs and orange zest – simply because I didn’t have any on hand.

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3 ripe bananas

50g of honey

200g ground almonds

50g coconut oil

1 tsp of cinnamon

1 pinch of nutmeg

1/2 tsp baking soda

1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

4 eggs

3 tbsp grated coconut

Peanut butter

Banana chips


Preheat the oven to 180°C (rotating heat).

Prepare your mold with baking paper to facilitate the removing of your cake.

In a large salad bowl, place the bananas, peeled and cut into pieces. Then, using a fork (or a manual mash mash), transform the bananas into a mash.

Add to the bananas, the melted coconut oil, honey, spices (nutmeg and cinnamon), baking soda and vanilla extract. Mix well.

Add the grated coconut and ground almonds. Personally, I preferred to buy the almonds in bulk and mix them myself (zero waste tip !).

Incorporate the eggs one by one, stirring gradually.

In your mold, place half of the preparation. Then I put some peanut butter in the middle and some banana chips. I poured in the rest of the batter and sprinkled with some banana and flax seed chips.

Cook for about 45 minutes.

Let cool before unmolding.

To be enjoyed with a hot drink for breakfast, as a dessert or as a snack ! The advantage of this recipe is that it is not very sweet so it will not give you that blood sugar rush. While I’m talking to you, I just finished my first piece and I’m fine. It is very filling.

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