Dior Golden Khaki makeup : the glam winter look

dior golden khaki makeupdior golden khaki makeupdior golden khaki makeupblue eyes makeup

For the past few days, I’ve been loving doing a khaki golden makeup with my Dior palette that I had fallen for during the Christmas holidays. As several of you reacted to what I wore on social medias, here is the tutorial to recreate this look !

Dior Golden Khaki makeup : the glam winter look

Gold is a color that is very easy to use in everyday life – it is even a color that all skin tones, all eye colors go naturally. Khaki is a shade that comes less spontaneously in our makeup collections when it can come to create an incredible doe look !

By combining gold and khaki makeup, you will achieve the perfect result for an everyday look – whether daytime or evening, depending on how you build the color on your look, whether you add a bit of brown or black kohl, etc.

These two colors combined really suit all physical profiles. They will enhance both light and dark eyes. With blue/green/grey eyes, khaki will accentuate the blue valence. With brown eyes, these shades will create an ultra warm look and highlight all the shades of brown.

So, tempted ?

blue eyes makeupdior makeupblue eyes makeup

What colors to choose for this look ?

You know my passion for shimmery eyeshadows… So, select products that will reflect the light in order to enhance your eyes.

What I like about this Dior palette is that its sparkling particles are very fine and will reflect light both discreetly but also powerfully. I like to work them both with the finger and with a brush to modulate the intensity. I opted for a rather neutral gold in these undertones and khaki is definitely in its warm valence – which makes it even better to highlight light eyes.

If you want even more intensity, you can use a base or cream products. Last tip, use a little water or a fixing spray on your brush before picking up the eyeshadow to play with the pigmentation.

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dior golden khaki makeup


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