Reducing waste at Christmas : in the kitchen

reducing waste at christmas

Christmas often means more consumption, more packaging, more of everything. In this holiday season, we can feel ourselves slipping on a path that we are not (as) used to go anymore. For example, when I went to the local Monoprix to get a couple of odds and ends, I came across large sachets of chocolate papillotes…And I said to myself : what a waste ! In short, all that to say that in this article, I will give you tips for reducing waste at Christmas and more specifically in the kitchen !

Reducing waste at Christmas

Between the gifts and all the packaging that comes with it, the greater consumption of food, etc., our ecological footprint tends to explode during the holiday season.

Here are some thoughts and actions you can take to have a Christmas more in keeping with your values :

  • use reusable gift wrapping (tote bags, furoshiki – these Japanese fabrics for wrapping, etc.) or at least recyclable and/or recycled wrap paper: If you haven’t seen Coline’s video on Instagram, I invite you to watch it , it’s very funny and true. Lifetime of a gift wrap : 17 seconds !
  • offer “less” wrapped gifts : There are brands, whether toys or others, that avoid overwrapping their products or that use packaging made from recycled materials. It can be an interesting option.
  • buy food that is lower packaged, or even unpackaged in plastic : I have been avoiding supermarkets for a while and apart from a some products, I buy relatively few products that are wrrapped in plastic. By going to your markets, cheese shops, etc., you can always reuse small kraft bags or your fabric bags or even glass containers when possible.
  • buy seasonal products : I know that we are going to see some on the stalls : red fruits…No, that is not eaten at Christmas because these are not products that grow at this time of year nearby . Be careful what you buy.
  • buy “the right” quantity : It is true that holiday meals are often endless, with an incalculable number of dishes. Maybe that’s the only good thing about COVID-19, there will be fewer of us at the table so, maybe we will organize our meals differently. I think food waste shouldn’t be around these days.
  • favor fabric linens : It is tempting to opt for disposable plates and so when we receive large tables…This year, with this limitation, it may be possible to use a tablecloth and napkin in fabric to avoid excess waste. As for the dishes, go for what you have at home and requisition your guests to help you with the dishes ! Parties allow sharing – and even chores (laughs) !
  • decorate your table with natural or reusable elements : for several years, I have kept decorative elements that I take turns to reuse. This allows to throw and especially to have a very nice table decoration !

glass dish towel

Reducing waste at Christmas in the kitchen

In order to reduce waste at Christmas in the kitchen, this will include maintenance and hygiene. I don’t know about you, but limiting or even eliminating paper towels was not easy. We are as conditioned to use this type of item while our grandmothers use tea towels or recycle the old sheets into rags…I always had tea towels in my kitchen but now I have several types of products when it comes to kitchen linen.

I have already told you about the H2O at Home brand for both cosmetics and home use and I recently discovered innovations that deserved to have a place in my kitchen!

Microfiber sponge – €4,40

Since I learned that supermarket sponges are made from petroleum derivatives, I decided to stop buying them and turn to vegetable or washable fabric sponges. H2O a Home offers a new alternative : the microfiber sponge.

This sponge has 2 sides, one scraping, the other cleaning and absorbent, without risk of scratching for dishes, taps or all kitchen surfaces.

This sponge is therefore washable and reusable. A single sponge is enough for a full year, which drastically reduces waste in the cleaning department. You just have to give it a little un in the machine from time to time and it comes back very clean to help you maintain your interior.

Emerald jacquard dish towel – €17,60

If like me, you don’t have a dishwasher (if I had the space, I would buy on ! ), You probably used quite a lot of tea towels. Every week, I have several that I wash and almost every year I buy more. I find them not ultra resistant. And then when you have to wipe a plethora of dishes, you have to get out at least 2 or 3 out to make the job.

It was then that I discovered that H2O had created a microfiber dish towel. This microfiber absorbs 3 times more than a cotton tea towel. Its jacquard fabric makes it elegant in the kitchen (unlike the white and blue tea towel from a famous Swedish brand) and you can choose the color that matches your interior (available in 5 colors). This microfiber is ultra efficient and even makes the chore of the dishes more pleasant.

Like all of the brand’s microfiber fabrics, this dish towel dries extremely quickly and allows us to reuse it quickly when needed. It wipes the dishes perfectly well, leaving no trace (your glasses will thank you!), no lint or lost cotton thread.

Its weaving is of high quality and makes it almost eternal. It will not deform over time with the washings … And now, I want to buy it in other colors!

Glass towel – €23,10

Still for the dishes, but this time for the pieces that we take out less often (silverware, champagne glasses, crystal objects, etc.), H2O at Home has released an exceptional microfiber for delicate surfaces.

Once again, its very fine top-of-the-range weave ensures that this wiper does not leave lint or marks on your precious objects. Almost eternal, you will be able to transmit this infallible tool to the youngest generation !

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