Festive Collection “Asian Dreams” Thés de la Pagode

festive collectionfestive collection

Like every year, Les Thés de la Pagode delights us with a limited edition, here the Festive collection “Rêves d’Asie” which transports us far from the grayness of Paris. For those who wish to discover quality organic teas or for aficionados of the brand, I invite you to discover it.

Festive Collection “Asian Dreams” Thés de la Pagode

This year, the limited edition collection of Thés de la Pagode is dressed in green and red. The Christmas collection “Asian Dreams” takes us on a journey to the heart of cherry gardens – gardens known for their poetry.

This limited edition is decorated with a delicate red and gold floral pattern for boxes with a holiday look! Whether for you or as a gift, these products will make you travel while immersing you in the Christmas spirit.

This collection consists of the following products :

  • Advent calendar : to wait until Christmas and discover the Thés de la Pagode house, you will discover 6 green teas, 2 white teas, 2 black teas and 6 teas from the healthy range.
  • Discovery box : this box will please tea lovers including 3 organic teas, 1 organic infusion and 1 organic rooibos (5 bags of each of the 5 recipes).
  • Limited Edition Exquisite Apple Black Tea : This year, the festive recipe of Thés de la Pagode is a very beautiful black tea from Hunan in China. Full-bodied and structured, it offers woody notes. Associated with apple and pear, a festive accord is completed with ginger and cardamom for a comforting and gourmet blend.
  • Limited Edition Black Tea Christmas Spices : For this Christmas recipe, Thés de la Pagode has selected a black tea native to the tea gardens of Assam in India. Its powerful and structured notes form a spicy marriage with Christmas Spices : Cinnamon, Cardamom and Ginger. Orange balances the blend with its tangy freshness. The ultimate Christmas and winter tea!

thés de la pagodefestive collection

Thés de la Pagode commitment

Les Thés de la Pagode offers organic teas. The quality requirement of Teas de la Pagode has made its experts choose teas from certified Organic Agriculture plantations. This is attested by the Organic Agriculture label awarded in France by bodies approved by the public authorities (Ecocert and Qualité France), which appears on the bags and boxes of Thés de la Pagode. This label guarantees a product from Organic Farming. Tea lovers sometimes forget that the tea leaves are never washed, so by choosing organic tea, consumers can be sure not to find pesticides in their cup.

The Thés de la Pagode teabags are 100% natural and do not undergo any chemical treatment. In order not to alter the quality of the infusion, the teabags are neither folded nor stapled.

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