Buying plus size on Vinted : my advice

buying plus size on vinted

As you know, it has been several years since I changed my way of consuming, even in my wardrobe. Today I will tell you about second hand, especially about the topic of buying plus size on Vinted. I hesitated for a long time to shop on Vinted because unlike a new item you can’t try it on and send it back…I took the plunge, a few months ago and I’m going share my experience and advice with you.

Why buy second hand ?

What are the reasons that can encourage us to buy second hand ? Here are the three reasons that prompt me to think about this path !

Limit its impact on the planet

You should know that the textile industry is one of the most polluting in the world – not to mention the human exploitation behind. If you want to know more, I invite you to watch the documentary on Netflix : The True Cost (“the true price of fashion”, in French). This documentary shows the underside of fashion and in particular of fast fashion.

In addition to this exploitation of natural and human resources, some materials pollute more than others. For example, you should know that polyester (petroleum derivative) clothing will release micro particles during machine washing and these micro plastic particles will end up in our oceans. Indeed, our wastewater purification systems do not allow their treatment – just as was the case with polyethylene (micro plastic beads in exfoliation products) which was banned in cosmetics.

Fight against the consumer society

Buying second-hand also allows you to position yourself against a society that invites you to buy more and more. The second hand promotes a circular economy and gives a second life to clothes in perfect condition.

In a society where we are in political loss, I think that the way we dispose of our money engages us in what I want to support or not to support. Buying second-hand allows me to resist in my own way these industrial giants who always want to produce more.

Save money

Buying second-hand allows you to have fun at a lower cost. At one time, buying second-hand was a sign of “poverty”, in the sense that it was a sign that the person could not afford to buy new items. I think that today, it is also a matterof choice : “of course, I have the means to buy new but I choose what I buy – maybe new and maybe second hand .”

Personally, I was able to afford superior brands at a more than affordable price. This allows me to have a qualitative wardrobe with superior manufacturing products.

Another advantage, if your body is subject to changes, it also allows you to renew your wardrobe without emptying your bank account !


Buying plus  size on Vinted : my advice

Here are my tips for buying well on Vinted, especially plus size items (although these tips are valid for everyone !) :

  • Knowing your size : it seems obvious but I like to push open doors ! Depending on the brands, we do not make the same size. Sometimes we also want oversized pieces. So knowing your size is essential and also knowing the specifics of your body. For example, I know I have a big breast, in the case of shirts or tops, I now always ask for armpit to armpit width to compare with my own clothes.
  • Select the fabrics : indeed, if it is cotton or cotton with elastane, it is not the same. Depending on the materials, the fall and the fit will not be the same. Personally, I try to favor natural materials (cotton, linen, wool, etc.) which are more comfortable to wear.
  • Choose inclusive brands : some brands go as far as 46/48, others beyond. Vinted allows you to find items that are part of more inclusive collections. For example, I bought several items from Marina Rinaldi which is a luxury plus size brand.
  • Project yourself with the piece : like when buying on a website, it is important to project yourself with the clothing. How could he fall on us ? How we can integrate it into our wardrobe.
  • Knowing what types of pieces we want or need : I think that to buy well on Vinted, you also need to know your style and the fits that suit you. For example, if I am looking for a sweater, I will have certain criteria in terms of product : V-neck, sleeves more like this or that, etc.
  • Do not hesitate to contact the seller : in order to have more details or information. The platform is a benevolent community. Usually, if you kindly contact a user about an item, they’ll get back to you !

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