Celebrating a birthday during lockdown

Celebrating a birthday during lockdownflower crownCelebrating a birthday during lockdownCelebrating a birthday during lockdown

Who would have thought that one day I would write these lines ! We are back again in full lockdown and today is my birthday ! So far, I’m having a cool day and wanted to share with you my tips about celebrating a birthday during lockdown. Indeed, at the start of the school year – everything was fine, I had blocked the date and warned my friends. October is coming and the restrictions have piled up – so I anticipated : small groups at different times. And, finally, BADABOUM, the lockdown has been pronounced again…So no more evening at all ! But no problem, Scorpios know how to innovate !

Celebrating a birthday during lockdown

If it’s your birthday, I already wish you a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY ! It’s mine today and I’m celebrating ! Even if we can not bring all our loved ones together, I offer a list of several options to do you good !

Decorate your apartment

Just because you don’t host doesn’t mean you can’t pimp your apartment ! Balloon, confetti (okay, it’s annoying to clean up afterwards), flags, etc. Don’t hesitate to get in the mood at home !

Light candles

Let’s stay in the interior decoration by lighting all the candles present at home ! The candles immediately bring a touch of extra, festivities so let’s not skimp !

Offer yourself some flowers

Personally, receiving flowers always brings me joy – no matter if I give them to myself or if they are offered to me ! So, don’t hesitate to order a little arrangement that will please you !

Eat a great pastry

What would a birthday be without a cake? There are several possibilities : either you put yourself in the stove and you make a cake that you particularly want. Either you choose an excellent pastry and you go get your individual cake !

Personally, this year I ordered individual pastries for a mini brunch so I’m going to go get them (there will be more for me haha !). At the same time, I love Praluline so I went to get one (it can be frozen so I could keep it). For tonight, I made myself a little Pavlova (I’ll share the recipe with you next week) which is my favorite dessert from around the world!

Organize a conf call with your loved ones

Whether it’s to have an aperitif, blow out the candles or even have a board game evening, let your entourage know, prepare your Zoom meeting (which allows you to meet a number of people for free) and let’s go!

birthday makeupbirthday makeupCelebrating a birthday during lockdownparisien flatCelebrating a birthday during lockdown

Celebrating a birthday during lockdown : the look

Who says we can’t turn into a queen for the occasion ! Personally, exit the pilou pilou, hello glitter ! I’ll film the makeup look I’m wearing – which will be an opportunity to get into the holiday content.

Dress level, my usual uniform: a blouse and a skirt ! I had found these two pieces during the summer sales at Maison 1 2 3. I really like the Dior (Maria Grazia) inspiration of the skirt. On the other hand, it is quite fragile – at the slightest hitch, threads will come out. I put on a pair of heels and presto ! small shot on the balcony to keep a memory of this anniversary like no other.

The shoes are André (former co ‘) and all my jewelry comes from OGGI.

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Celebrating a birthday during lockdown


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