Kazidomi review : what I think of the subscription

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If you surf on social medias and especially Instagram, you must have already heard of Kazidomi. After two years of subscription, I give you my Kazidomi review.

What is Kazidomi ?

Kazidomi is an online sales website for organic products. The company sells both food, textiles and household products (dishes, accessories, maintenance). The aim of the website is to make organic products accessible to as many people as possible. For this, Kazidomi cuts down on intermediaries in order to offer a lower price.

The company offers guarantees on the products of its e-shop. The references are certified organic. You will also find gluten-free, no added refined sugar, cruelty free ranges. Kazidomi ensures the quality of its sources. Kazidomi is waging war on artificial ingredients, hydrogenated fats, chemical ingredients, artificial colors.

The company is based in Belgium.

Kazidomi subscription

Anyone can use the site and order online. If you want to take advantage of cheaper prices, the company offers you a subscription plan. The principle of the subscription is to save on your purchases. Kazidomi guarantees :

  • Discounts of up to 50% on the entire site catalog,
  • A catalog of more than 3,500 products,
  • Exclusive promotions (depending on the time of year, brands, etc.).

Subscriptions commit you for 12 months. Two options are then available to you: a monthly payment at €10/month (annual subscription at €120) or a single payment at €80 per year.

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My review

I am entering my third year as a subscriber at Kazidomi and it is a service that I appreciate very much for several reasons.

  1. Saving time : sometimes I don’t have enough time to fill my cupboard (groceries, condiments, etc.). I generally place one order per month with my essentials, whether food or maintenance.
  2. Discovering new products : I was able to taste products that I would not have thought of when going shopping or quite simply find references that I do not necessarily have in the organic stores near my home. For example, Barista Rude Health almond milk is one of my must-have for my lattes. Everything that is snacking is also super practical.
  3. Savings on organic : you will tell me that there is organic in supermarkets – indeed, it helps out but the circuits are not the same, generally, they are larger production chains with many intermediaries. Suddenly, with Kazidomi, I buy an organic of a superior quality with an advantageous price.

Since I signed up, the company has made progress – especially in terms of packaging. At first, everything was in bubble wrap. Today, plastic is severely limited and fragile products are packaged in special cardboard.

Deliveries are fast. Usually it takes a week. The products arrive in good condition. And if, by chance, you have a product that has not endured transport well, Kazidomi takes care of its customer relationship. This has happened to me twice and the service credits you with the amount of the damaged product on your account (to be deducted from your next order).

Even if I try to limit my waste more and more, Kazidomi offers packaging for the vast majority which is recyclable and/or compostable – suddenly, I feel a little less guilty !

If you want to join the service, you can use my affiliate link. This Kazidomi sponsorship code will allow you to obtain a 20€ voucher to be used on the site.

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