Makeup for green eyes : how to highlight them ?

Makeup for green eyesMakeup for green eyesmakeup brunette

Today, we are going to talk about makeup and more specifically makeup for green eyes. Indeed, when we have light eyes, we have the possibility of bringing out more or less certain colors such as blue, green or gray. Personally, naturally, I have more gray eyes but depending on the eyeshadows I choose, my eyes will take on a more blue or green color – depending on my desires. Here I share my advice and especially a little makeup tutorial to inspire you!

Makeup for green eyes : how to highlight them ?

Makeup is a game of colors. So, as with painting, we have to play on the complementary shades via the primary color system to make a color stand out more. For example, if you want green (blue + yellow) to be sharper, choose tones that approach reds.

If we transcribe this logic to make-up, to bring out green eyes, it is possible to use eyeshadows with warm tones and sub-tones :

  • red,
  • copper,
  • purple,
  • brown,
  • etc.

At the same time, what also makes green eyes stand out is the “tone on tone”, that is, applying green eyeshadow. Green comes in many shades in the makeup world : from cold green (turquoise, emerald green) to warm green (khaki). These colors will create depth and a very interesting reflection in the eyes.

Makeup for green eyesMakeup for green eyes

Khaki look for brunettes

For this tutorial, I made a makeup that oscillates between khaki and emerald. In order to offer a “warm” base to my eyes in order to bring out the green of my eyes, I used a khaki eye shadow on the outer 2/3 of my eyes. In order to enhance the intensity of the green, I added a little more emerald color. The mixture is really ideal for my skin tone. Then, in order to bring in the light and to cut a little more, I applied on the inner third a more copper color.

To circle the look, I like to highlight my lash line with a little black kohl that I just blend. It also brings a smokey/rock side that I like a lot.

With this slightly sustained type of makeup, I prefer to have a fairly pure and neutral complexion – without blush. I prefer to play with the shadows using a bronzer.

For the lips, I opted for a slightly “muted” pink, therefore less electric than my usual crushed raspberries.

URBAN DECAY _ Naked Skin Corrector

ESTEE LAUDER – Compact powder (Shell)

BOHO – Terra cotta (Sienna)

NUDE BY NATURE – Highlighter Stick (Bronze)

CHADO – Eyebrow pencil

NUDE BY NATURE – Precision eyebrow mascara (Brown)

ZAO MAKE UP – Wink Palette n ° 2

THE BODY SHOP – Paint in Color Palette

STUDIO MAKE UP – Crayon yeux (noir)

MODEL CO – Crayon Liner Gold

AVRIL BEAUTE – The Mascara

CHARLOTTE TILBURY – Lip Cheat (Pillow Talk)

BOURJOIS – Red Velvet (Frambourgeoise)

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