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antique partyantique party

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of organizing a small evening with friends. Since lockdown, many of us have not been able to really take advantage of our loved ones and in this month of September, I really wanted and needed to bring together some of my favorite people. In order to give a nod to the season of the moment, I went on an Antique party. Indeed, the month of September is the time of harvests, vines, etc. and suddenly, I imagined an evening where I saw us languishing with wine and grapes (haha !).

Organize an antique party

This type of themed party can be organized at any time of the year – whether it’s at harvest time like I did there, or any other time of the year. This theme can also be very nice for a birthday or a New Year’s Eve.

For your party, you can have antique at several levels : the food, the decoration and the costumes. Depending on your desires and what is possible, it’s up to you to see the area on which you will give an antique touch.

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The decoration

To immerse my guests in the Antique theme, I moved a part of my living room so that I had a space big enough to settle in (with social distancing).

I dressed the floor with various rugs and throws on which I placed cushions in order to create a cozy and authentic space – and then the Romans/Greeks were often on reclining daybeds, meridiennes, etc. and not on armchairs ! To bring a touch of Greece/Rome, I added touches of blue, gold and silver – both in the decorative objects and in the dishes that welcomed what we were going to eat. I personally did not buy anything for the occasion because my tableware fits the theme quite well and I still had disposable tableware in those colors as well.

In order to create an Antique evening, it is important to play with the light: candles, light garlands … You can find all this in the usual decoration stores such as Sostrene Grene, Hema, Ikea, etc.

What brought the final touch is the eucalyptus. I will invite you to purchase any type of fairly large foliage. I must admit that the olive tree or other Mediterranean plants would have been more suitable but you have to do with what you find. I also didn’t really want to cut branches from my olive tree that I had just pruned.

The buffet

Harvest period, so it was essential for me to offer beautiful bunches of grapes! For the buffet, different fresh fruits and dried fruits were arranged. I had prepared different dips like hummus, guacamole, eggplant caviar and savory cakes. A Bulgarian friend also brought back a Bulgarian specialty: Bulgarian spinach feta puffs which are just to die for.

For dessert, I made some apple-based desserts – since we are in season with an invisible apple and an apple / pear crumble. Since we are greedy, I also made pancakes. It is a dish generally that everyone likes and which brings a lot of conviviality.

At the same time, we had wine and non-alcoholic fruit-based drinks in particular (juice, sodas – not very antique, I grant you).

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