Which photo equipment for holidays

Which photo equipment for holidays

I told you about it in Instagram story last week : which photo equipment for holidays ? Indeed, this year, I am going on holiday solo for a few days and I did not want to burden myself with my usual kit : reflex + tripod to document my get around. So I looked for what could be a compromise between compact accessories and photo quality. I share my selection with you in this post!

Holidays and content creators

For content creators, every context, trip, etc. is an opportunity to create content, offer a few different things in our posts, our social medas, etc. Finally, we never really stop producing content to feed our media.

Going on vacation is therefore a moment to imagine a new universe. Anyway, that’s how I see it. If you are traveling with someone who knows how to take pictures, who masters semi-pro or even pro equipment, you have fewer questions to ask yourself. If like me, you happen to travel on your own, how can you take good pictures ?

The only downside, that we must have in mind is the following : succeed in disconnecting and not living only for Instagram (for example). On the web, you have undoubtedly seen this video pass on the “Instagram boyfriend” which finally shows that we are no longer living in the present moment.

Which photo equipment for holidaysiPhone 11 waterproof

Which photo equipment for holidays : what I’m taking with me

I have already shared with you previously the photo equipment that I use to take my own photos. So I wondered how to adapt this fairly large and heavy material for a nomadic version.

So I decided not to take my reflex. I take my Olympus Pen with me, which I actually use very little. It’s time for me to have fun with it and see what it can do. It will allow me to take pictures as well as videos if I decide to do a holiday vlog. The other device I will use will be my iPhone (I invested in the 11 one at the end of last year).

In order to take my photos alone, I therefore needed a tripod with a remote control, but the whole thing much more compact for travelling. I searched online and opted for an “octopus” tripod with flexible legs that will allow me to hold my iPhone as well as my Olympus. The advantage of this type of tripod is that the legs can really adapt to the type of fields and even hang on somehting if needed. Obviously, this tripod being much smaller, the format and angle of the photos will be different. I’m waiting to see what it will give in the situation. The kit I bought is the following Rhodesy RT-02 Flexible Octopus Style Tripod : which allows you to hang either a smartphone, a camera, or a GoPro. The kit is supplied with a remote control that allows you to trigger your smartphone remotely via an app (Camera 360). As for the Olympus, I use the Olympus Share application which allows me to trigger the photo taken from my iPhone.

I will also go to the beach. Being alone, two options are possible : leave your iPhone at the hotel or take the risk of having it stolen at the beach. Even though the iPhone 11 is supposed to go in water, after my oxidation mishap after a big thunderstorm, I opted for water protections : Smartphone Waterproof Pouches. This accessory will allow me to have my smartphone with me when swimming : which provides security. In addition, I could take pictures, if I wanted to, underwater ! I find this idea quite cool and clever.

At the same time, remember to have an insurance on your equipment (which I have been doing for years and which I automatically renew with my insurance). This saves hassle in the event of theft, breakage or other.

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