Roasted peach with vanilla ice cream recipe

roasted peach

This dessert takes me back to childhood : roasted peach. We ate it with honey and vanilla ice cream: what happiness! With the heat, we want coolness. However, eating fresh does not necessarily mean eating raw. Indeed, even if I love raw vegetables, fresh fruit, etc. if i eat only raw food i will feel bloated and just digestively sore. Moreover, if these are small inconveniences that you observe at home: ask yourself the question of food! Eating cooked but fresh makes it possible to vary the pleasures and especially to facilitate the digestion of certain foods.

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Roasted peach with vanilla ice cream recipe


4 peaches

Honey : the one I use is Martine honey

Vanilla ice cream

Some mint leaves (you can also use rosemary, it’s very nice)

Wash and peel the peaches. Cut the fruit in half and remove the pit.

In a pan, heat the honey over low heat then place the peaches to roast. Leave to golden brown on both sides for about 5 minutes until the fruit is tender. If you decide to use rosemary, put the rosemary at the end of cooking the fruit so that the taste can diffuse. Peaches can be eaten warm or cold, depending on individual preferences.

Arrange the plates or cups with two pieces of peach and a scoop of vanilla ice cream to be placed in place of the pit. Either you leave the two halves open, or you decide to “reconstitute” the fruit by planting a small pick in order to keep the two halves together and to have the heart of ice which is revealed to the tasting.

Chop a few mint leaves to finish.

Enjoy your tasting and do not hesistate to tag me on your photos on social medias !

PS : I didn’t have any vanilla ice cream left so I used an apricot sorbet.

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roasted peach


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