Cosmetics to take on holiday : my PDF guide

cosmetics to take on holidayin the frow jet setter kit

The holidays are coming – finally ! – and I wanted to offer you a little guide on which cosmetics to take on holiday ? Indeed, many of us often ask ourselves the question of what we should take in terms of skincare & cie. For quite a long time, I have had a checklist in my head and for the occasion, I wanted to formalize a nice PDF to download for guiding you in your daily life. This list can obviously be adapted according to the vacation spot where you are going, but the essentials are there !

cosmetics to take on holiday

Cosmetics to take on holiday : my advice

In order to organize your holiday packing list as well as possible, it is important to have in mind several elements that will guide our choice when packing. In addition, I will share with you some tips to avoid some disaster in our vanity.

1.Do not test new products

This is really my first tip when it comes to vacations. Indeed, we do not want to suffer from an allergy or a break-out because we are testing a new cosmetic. I will invite you to stay in your comfort zone with the products that you use regularly, which do you good and are adapted to your needs.

So exit the samples that we have put aside for short stays for example. Focus on what you already know.

2. Duration of vacation

Depending on the length of our vacation, we don’t need the same size products. If we are going two days versus twenty days, there may be various ways to organize ourselves. For example, there will be “minis” lovers : mini deodorant, mini toothpaste, mini cosmetics, etc. Others will prefer to buy empty bottles and fill with their usual products.

For longer stays, some people opt to take the usual sizes of their products and decide to buy basic hygiene items on site, for example. Or, if we are traveling with family or close friends, to also share the basics if we tend to use the same products (one takes care of the shower gel, the other of the shampoo, etc.).

3. Means of transport

Between the train, the car, the plane, our skin will not be subjected to the same aggressions, so we must think about how to adapt our routine according to the means of transport. For example, in an airplane, our skin tends to dry out much more quickly because of the pressurization of the cabin, adapted cosmetic routines allow a much better flight.

In addition, with COVID-19, we are adding data to take into account. As we have to wear a mask, pay more attention to what we touch, we have other needs as well.

4. Vacation place

Beach ? Mountain ? City ? Countryside ? Hotel ? Bed&Breakfast ? Camping ? Again, we will not have the same needs in terms of products.

For example, in relation to sun protection :

  • if I go swimming, do I choose a product that is not harmful to the marine environment ?
  • Do I prefer a spray bottle or a cream in a tube format ?
  • etc.

5. Choose your vanity

It might sound like a bit of simple advice, but who hasn’t already found themselves with a product that exploded in their toiletry bag ? Today, I prefer vanity with a plastic coating or in any case resistant to humidity – especially when it comes to hygiene products.

Another little tip to avoid leaking products : choose your containers well and if you still have any doubts, you can put between the neck of the bottle and the cap, a small piece of food-grade plastic film that prevents the product from leaking.

6. Compartmentalize

Along the same lines as the previous point, I am a person who compartmentalizes a lot when I am packing my bags. I use Marie Kondo’s principles a lot at home (sorting by category), so for the suitcases, it’s the same. Regarding beauty products, I will have a toiletry bage with everything related to hygiene and skincare routine and a vanity with makeup for example. Then I always have a pouch for my other beauty accessories.

Cosmetics to take on holiday : my PDF guide

You can download the PDF file here.

In order to offer you the most precise guide/tool possible, I have divided the products into categories (tip n°6!). The categories are quite complete because it allows everyone to pick what he/she needs according to his/her vacation spot. It may seem like a lot but it all depends on your habits : be free to create your holiday vanity as you see fit !

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