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plus size bikinicapeline summerplus size bikini

Think finding a plus size bikini is impossible ? I’m proving the opposite with this model that I recently bought in my favorite Parisian store : Un Amour de Lingerie. Certainly, for some anti-curvy “fashion” police, bikinis are only allowed for women over 2… However, it’s all about your body, your desires, so if you like swimsuits which come with two pieces, do not hesitate ! Personally, since I took the plunge in 2017, I will not go back !

How to choose your plus size bikini ?

There are different shapes and styles. You can find both models of bras with or without underwire. Models like a “classic” bra and others with a knot effect or even bare backs. For bottoms, depending on the brands and collections, you will find both thongs, bresilian underwear, high knickers, even slightly vintage.

As with any piece in your wardrobe, choosing the “right” size is essential. Going through the dressing room is therefore, in my opinion, mandatory. Indeed, depending on the ranges, you may not need to take your usual tops and/or bottoms sizes. Indeed, the fabrics that make up a swimsuit are different from those that make up our lingerie sets – which can lead to size variations. For example, for the bottom, I took my usual size. On the other hand, for the bra, I changed the back circumference. I had to take 100 J, one size larger than my bras that I usually take in 95 J.

plus size bikini

Elomi swimwear

Since I changed (again) my breast size last year, I am totally a fan of the Elomi brand. I talk to you about it regularly: here, on the blog but also on social medias. It seemed obvious to me to find my new bikini in their summer collection of the moment ! Moreover, I shared my fittings with you on Instagram to show you what was available.

My choice finally fell on the Magnetic model which is a two-piece plus size bikini. This model has two bra options : one Plunge with a crossover shape and the other called Heart neckline. This swimsuit is to a bikini, what the little black dress is to a dress : a timeless chic with a touch of sexy piece.

The Plunge bra has a very nice drape that covers the cups. The result is: support, comfort and elegance. With this model, you feel free to move around, held in place – without the angst of the breast that could slip out of the bra. The wrap effect brings an interesting texture that brings relief to this black bikini. The straps and the back are wide enough to bring comfort to the whole.

For the bottom, I chose the Slip Bikini Twist model which is a fairly pin up style panty that arrives a little below the navel and fits well at the back. Personally, I like to fell that my buttocks are well covered – and then, I find that this type of model brings a nice gable at the booty level. It also has a draped effect on the front echoing the wrap bra.

The whole model is fully lined :

  • you can therefore be sure that no one will see through your swimsuit and
  • you have a “lifting” effect of the model which creates a harmonious silhouette.

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plus size bikini


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