Going to restaurant with Covid-19

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Now that most businesses have reopened, going to restaurant with Covid-19 is quite an experience ! Before lockdown, I was suppose to go and test the new epring limited edition at Vapiano – which unfortunately could not be done with the pandemic. So we organized a post-lockdown evening to share a dish of pasta and pizzas !

Going to restaurant with Covid-19

The restaurants are organized to best welcome the public. Limited attendance, spaced tables, refitted kitchens and counters, masked staff, etc. This context requires more organization and above all patience.

Going to a restaurant in these conditions gives a rather mixed impression. We are pleased to meet outside with friends but we also have many new gestures/reflexes to keep in mind. It’s a little less carefree than in that front that we often talk about nostalgically.

At Vapiano, the entire customer journey has been changed and unless you come early, you will need to be patient to order your dishes. The teams do their best to make the experience as pleasant as possible despite this unique context. For example, at the Vapiano on the Champs Elysées, the space I prefer in the basement is “condemned” for the moment in order to regulate the traffic. Reception in the main space is gradual and customers are invited to wait at the entrance when the restaurant has reached its maximum capacity (while respecting barrier gestures).

restaurant entre amis

The Vapiano menu

If you don’t know the Vapiano menu : this consists of a selection of pasta dishes, risottos, pizzas, salads and desserts. Whether you are a vegetarian, pescetarian, or eat everything, options are available. You choose your menu and then go to the various counters to order. The dishes are prepared on the spot in front of you.

With my friend Yoan, we chose as a starter:

  • the Caprese salad : cherry tomatoes, mozzarella di bufala, basil and arugula.
  • the Mista Della Case salad : mix of salads, cherry tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, red onions, mushrooms, scallions, cucumber, peppers and Italian cheese.

For salads, you can choose your seasoning. My favorite sauce is the balsamic one. If like me, you don’t like too much sauce in your salad, remember to specify it otherwise the teams are generous.

The salads were plentiful enough, fresh – as pleasant to eat as a starter or as an side to your dish.

For the main course, we tasted :

  • the Quattro Formagi risotto : gorgonzola cream, Italian cheese, burrata, goat cheese, arugula, roasted hazelnuts.
  • the Funghi pizza : tomato sauce, mozzarella and fresh mushrooms.

The risotto was a bit disappointing. It lacked cooking and had to send it back for further cooking. The pizza was plentiful, well cooked and topped.

For dessert, we both went on tiramisu. It’s okay but when you’ve been to Italy and eaten real tiramisu, it doesn’t compare.

Price level, Vapiano is in a classic range for an Italian restaurant. If you want a full menu : starter + main course + dessert + drink, count around thirty euros.

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restaurant entre amis


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