Linen dress : my model from the s/s Burton’s summer 2020

golden hour louvrelinen dress
The linen dress is a must have for summer – and not justfor  summer 2020 ! Since I bought mine, I never take it off and I wanted to immortalize this outfit in an emptied Paris at the time of golden hour.

Linen, the fabric of summer

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I favor clothes made from natural fibers and linen is one of the finest and one of the oldest fibers in the world. This fiber allows you to feel cool in summer thanks to its insulating and thermoregulatory properties. Its advantage is that it is a fiber that absorbs, without becoming wet, so it avoids the feeling of discomfort and odors. In short, it is a fiber that breathes and does not stick to the skin. In addition, it is one of the few fabrics that even wet remains strong. Opting for a linen garment is the assurance of having a piece that does not deform over time.

Its only drawback is that this material creases quickly. Now it is possible to find linen/cotton or linen/bamboo mixed materials. Personally, the creases don’t bother me – especially in the summer when we’re in a more chill-out mode.

On the other hand, synthetic materials, which are not very breathable, are generally to be avoided in summer. Polyester, which is wrinkle-resistant and often at an attractive price, has the disadvantage of retaining heat and odors…To be reserved for a cooler evenings and to be avoided on hot days ! The same goes for viscose, polyamide, acrylic or elastane : these materials prevent the evaporation of sweat and cause odors…So be careful when shopping ! You wouldn’t want to be bothered by this type of inconvenience.

linen dressgolden hour louvrelinen dress

Linen dress summer 2020 : the timeless wardrobe

The linen dress is like the little black dress : a summer must-have. Why is it an essential piece ? In my opinion, she perfectly embodies summer, recklessness, sun and vacation. It is the piece that is easy to put on, wear and can be combined on different occasions depending on the model you have.

What immediately appealed to me about this dress from Burton of London is its cut. Indeed, this model is a model that we rarely see on linen dresses : a rather skater style with the upper body rather fitted and the flared skirt. Generally, we find more straight and short dresses or very loose. The bonus of this dress is the presence of pockets. The pockets in dresses…a real treat!

This model comes with a belt…Belt which in itself does not add anything to the dress, especially if you tie it in front as on the model. This brings a bit of a “granny” side while the model is definitely modern. In addition, unless you have a perfectly flat stomach, this type of belt is hardly beneficial for the figure. Personally, I tie the belt in the back to mark the waist a bit more. However, it is quite possible to wear the dress without the belt quite simply.

What accessories with the linen dress ?

For this look, I stayed on a bohemian style to keep this very feminine touch of the dress. I teamed up with a pair of navy blue Castaner heeled espadrille sandals – another summer must-have. My handbag – even if you don’t see it much, is a small light blue crossbody bag from Michael Kors.

For jewelry, this type of dress deserves a great pair of earrings. So I associated my pair of XXL earrings from OGGI which is a little marvel. In silver and moonstone, it brings texture, elegance and above all a touch of originality to the look. My sunglasses also have a little boho look with their large lenses and ultra-thin frames. They come from Jimmy Fairly.

And you, do you like linen dresses ?

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