Spring makis salmon avocado recipe

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Two weeks ago, I had a furious desire for Japanese cuisine! As much, I have never been too much sushi and maki when I ate everything, now returned to a pesco-vegetarian diet (I am adding a little fish), I really like the spring makis with salmon avocado. When it’s hot, it’s a cool dish, not too heavy and fun enough to share. I wanted to try my hand at this dish and I share my achievement with you.

My realization is a little rough because I realized that I had not necessarily found the ideal ingredients for its realization. Sometimes we do with what we have at home!

spring makes

Spring makis salmon avocado recipe

Ingredients for around thirty makis

For the vinegar rice

150g Japanese round rice (I found mine via Kazidomi, it is a whole sushi rice)

2 tbsp of rice vinegar (I didn’t have any, I replaced with apple cider vinegar)

½ tbsp powdered sugar

½ tsp of salt

For the makis

Rice cakes (the ideal is to have a rectangle format and not round like me)

Fresh salmon

Ripe avocado


Fresh mint (optional)


Soy sauce (preferably sweet)


Start with the vinegar rice because we need it to be cold for assembly. To prepare the rice, I followed the directions on the package. So I rinsed it, then let it soak for about 30 minutes to soften it and I finally cooked it. If you have a rice cooker, it is quite possible to cook rice in this appliance. Once the rice is cooked, put it in a bowl and let it cool.

While the rice is cooling, heat the vinegar, sugar and salt in a small saucepan. Heat over low heat otherwise the vapors will be quite disturbing. Once this mixture is cold, add it to the rice and mix well so that all the rice is vinegared. The texture will then be quite sticky: this is normal. Cover the rice and set aside at room temperature.

Prepare the avocado: hollow out the flesh and cut thin strips. To prevent it from darkening, I put a few drops of lemon on it.

Peel, wash and wring out the salad. Reserve.

Cut your piece of salmon into small strips as well.

Soften the rice cakes by immersing them completely in a bowl of lukewarm water. I do them one by one because I find that they quickly tend to stick together.

I then prepare my “mat” that I made myself: it is a placemat that I use for rolling the maki. I use a sheet of parchment paper to avoid contact between the mat and the food.

Take a rice cake: place the salad on the lower half, then a rectangle of vinegared rice 2 cm thick and 5-6 cm wide, placed horizontally, which will protrude on either side of the cake (on the right and on the left). Along the length of the rice, place the strips of salmon, avocado and mint leaves. To make it easier, it is also possible to “cheat” a bit by making a sort of vinegared rice ball in the palm of your hand, adding salmon, avocado, mint then squeezing all the ingredients together to make a cylinder. Add the salad leaf around it and place the whole on the rice cake.

Personally, I roll from the bottom to the top, tightening as much as possible so that all the ingredients hold well. When you have a “pretty” tight sausage, cut slices of about 4 cm in size.

To enjoy with soy sauce and wasabi.

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