Which outfit to wear at a civil wedding?

what outfit at a civil weddingpinup lookwhat outfit at a civil wedding
We are in the middle of the wedding season and when we are invited, the question that always comes up is : what outfit to wear at a civil wedding ? With the pandemic, ceremonies are organized differently. Sometimes we cannot attend the ceremony at the town hall but are invited to the cocktail reception…In short, even if we have to get used to what is happening now, it is important to have fun and prepare a lovely outfit.

Which outfit to wear at a civil wedding ?

Like any outfit we choose, the answer depends on no our age, our morphology, the style of the wedding, the weather, etc.

In practice, here are some tags that can help in your choice :

  • mid-length dresses: they are chic and elegant, allow to highlight our legs – especially if the sun is out. In addition, this type of dress can easily be worn again.
  • colored bustier dresses : for a dressy and trendy look.
  • an outfit with a light fabric : pants, shirt and jacket for these gentlemen.
  • a chic tailor suit if you are more reserved.

Obviously, long dresses, like at the Cannes festival are to be avoided. Only the bride can claim to be with a long dresse. It is not recommended to wear white or beige at a wedding (this color being reserved for the bride), but it is also recommended not to wear black so as not to darken group photos. Guest outfits should not shade the bride.

If you are invited only to the reception, you can bet on a pair of heels and a chic top, while those also invited to the evening can bet on more sophisticated outfits. It is quite possible to change for the evening in order to don a more glamorous outfit than those worn during civil and religious ceremonies.

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Wedding guest : how to shop ?

Some guests still buy an outfit specially for the occasion – that’s still possible. However, if you want to have a more sustainable attitude in terms of clothing, you can organize yourself differently.

Personally, my closet is mostly made up of dresses and skirts – so it’s relatively easy to choose a look that can match a civil wedding. For the ceremony to which I am going today, I opted for this dress from Maison 1, 2, 3 : knee length, beautifully colored with a shape that perfectly suits my body type – belted with a pretty neckline. I like to tell myself that I can wear these outfits on other occasions.

Today, second hand is totally an option to consider – even when we are looking for an outfit for a particular occasion. I have already had people who bought me some pieces of my wardrobe on Vinted – precisely for these occasions.

Which accessories for a civil wedding ?

This is where we can really have fun. We can have a fairly sober and chic outfit and add glamor, originality with a nice pair of heels or jewelry.

For this outfit, I chose a pair of relatively sober and comfortable heels. It’s really on the earrings that I bet everything ! I selected this pair of XXL earrings from OGGI which is one of my new favorite pieces.

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what outfit at a civil wedding


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