Roasted Carrots and Goat cheese

roasted carrots

Today, I offer you an easy and fun recipe to use your carrots lying around in the vegetable drawer : oven roasted carrots and goat cheese. With the heat, it was not necessarily the good idea to make a recipe in the oven but I really wanted to use my stock of carrots !

This recipe can be made with different vegetables and cheeses. For example, you can use feta or mozzarella if you don’t like sheep’s cheese. For vegetables, use what is available on seasonal stalls: zucchini, tomatoes, artichokes, etc.

Oven Roasted Carrots and Goat Cheese


1 bunch of carrots with tops

Olive oil

Sea salt flower



Goat cheese (tome) (I take the tome of sheep/goat from Androuet which is ultra melting and not too strong in the mouth)


Preheat the oven to 180°C (rotating heat).

Put on a parchment paper.

Peel the carrots and cut part of the tops. I leave about 5 cm of top.

Wash the carrots to remove any sand and dirt residue. Wipe them.

Put the vegetables on the oven dish and pour a drizzle of olive oil. Add the condiments : sea salt flower, pepper and thyme. Bake until the carrots are caramelized : about a quarter of an hour.

Once out of the oven, I make shavings of goat’s tome using a peeler.

Add a few basil leaves and it’s ready !

You can taste these carrots as a side dish or for tapas type evenings, aperitif dinner. Otherwise, what can be nice : cut them into sections and add them to a dish of garlic or pesto pasta to add a little color and fiber !

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roasted carrots


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