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Today we are going to talk about aromachology. A word closes to aromatherapy but which is not quite the same thing. You know my passion for perfumes and both personally and professionally, I use essential oils to create an atmosphere, improve an emotional context, etc. Scents have a strong power on our mind and I am delighted to see that products in this sense are emerging.

Aromachology : what is it?

Aromachology was born in the 1980’s in the United States and more particularly through the work of the American psychiatrist and neurologist, Alan Hirsh, director of the Smell & Taste Research and Treatment Foundation of Chicago. Alan Hirsh has a theory : perfumes have an influence on the actions or behavior of people. Aromachology is therefore the science of phenomena linked to scents, more particularly the influence of scents on the behavior.

Although the therapeutic properties of plants have been known since antiquity, it is especially in recent years that essential oils have become more popular in our societies. We find them more easily, both in organic shops, pharmacies or specialized stores. Today, a whole section of the population also wishes to have recourse to alternative medicine in order to support their physical and mental well-being.

Aromachology is therefore a path apart from aromatherapy because essential oils are used for the action of their scent on the psyche and emotions in particular. Pure energy concentrates of the plant and true biochemical complexes, essential oils have so all their “senses” in naturopathy to complement stress management techniques such as breathing and conscious meditation exercises. The olfactory sense is called upon to touch conscious or unconscious “memories”. In addition, odors are intimately linked to memory.


The concept of 100BON

The perfume house 100BON launched in early 2020 a range dedicated to aromachology. The brand wants to focus on the essentials, at the very heart of nature. The objective is to combine the art of perfumery in an even more ecological, emphatic and holistic approach.

100BON offers clean formulas, without questionable or harmful ingredients, without chemical disruptor which would interfere with the formula if its experience. The brand is labeled Slow Cosmétique.

This range was developed in France, in Grasse, with Patty Canac – aromachologist, to smell good and feel good thanks to olfactory science and the powers of essential oils, on a daily basis :

  • Good for the spirit by the virtues of aromachology of ingredients,
  • Good for the body by clean and natural formulas,
  • Good for nature with eco-designed and refillable fragrances,
  • Good for everyone with fair prices : a brave democratization of perfumery.

A new olfactory path is opening for this unprecedented encounter between aromatherapy and natural perfumery, between olfactory science and the know-how of experienced perfumers.

The range consists of 7 fragrances with 7 benefits to remove emotional barriers :

  • New breath : 11 essential oils includin green Cypress and Siberian fir needles allows you to get fresh air to recharge your batteries for a new breath.
  • Present moment : for anchoring, this synergy of 8 essential oils of Vetiver and Gaïac wood allows you to anchor yourself in the present and realign yourself when you feel destabilized in everyday life.
  • Clear ideas : to focus with a synergy of 11 essential oils including the Atlas Cedar and Peppermint which offer better concentration when we feel dissipated and unproductive.
  • Self-confidence : to regain your confidence with a mix of 9 essential oils including Lemon and Patchouli which allow you to boost yourself when the lack of insurance is too much felt.
  • Letting go : to relax with a combination of 10 essential oils including Magnolia and a CO2 extract of Jasmine Sambac to reduce stress and put things into perspective.
  • Sweet dreams : with its 9 essential oils including Neroli and Petit Grain Bigaradier which allow to calm down when we feel overworked and sleep has trouble coming.
  • S.O.S : to soothe with a synergy of 3 essential oils including that of Cistus Labdanum and Roman Chamomile which will bring balm to your heart when we feel an emotional emergency.

These 7 creations are available in 2 formats :

  • the spray (30ml – 19 €) : to spray on yourself or around you to create your well-being bubble
  • the roll-on (10ml – 16 €) : perfect for slipping into your handbag. Apply on the wrists and breathe for daily use and nomad.

The brand is available at Monoprix.

How to use aromachology ?

It’s an approach we can use on a daily basis – whether it is to promote a given energy, to create an atmosphere in a room or to take care of ourselves and our mind. Sprays are ideal for creating a cloud in which we can breathe deeply. The roll-ons are perfect for immediate and personal use both at home and outside.

I have been using these sprays for a few weeks and I find that they have a real impact on my mood – when sometimes I am stressed or in a slightly “meh” state (you know that not very grinning face between sadness, stress, anger). The ones I tend to use the most are : letting go, S.O.S, present moment, clear ideas and self-confidence.

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