How to use dry oils in summer and all year around ?

dry oilsdry oils

We are back in the summer season and one of the flagship products that we find every year is dry oil so how to use dry oils ?

Dry oils : the b-a ba

A dry oil is a natural oil (in their majority). It may seem paradoxical but dry oils exist.

Dry oils are very fluid and have the distinction of penetrating very quickly into the skin, leaving no greasy film. When we apply this type of product to the skin, we get a non-oily finish that we also call “dry touch“. Unlike “classic” natural oils, the skin does not shine but will have a more satin finish.

How to use dry oils ?

Oils with a non-greasy feel can be used on all parts of the body, this is precisely their advantage.

In summer, their “classic” use comes down to the body, face and hair. They can supplement hydration, bring an ultra-satiny finish to the skin (Hey, sexy goddess !) and treat hair drying due to the sun.

For further use, you can use your dry oil as follows :

  • in a night cream : If your skin lacks nutrition (not only dry) than usual or if your epidermis is naturally sensitive, add a few drops of your oil to your night cream. When you wake up, your skin will be more plump and your complexion fresher.
  • in a mask : just like the night cream, add a little oil in your mask for even more nutritive action.
  • before the shampoo : to deeply nourish the hair, you can apply the dry oil as a pre-shampoo treatment. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse and then apply your shampoo.
  • after the shampoo : if your ends are damaged or you come back from a beach afternoon, apply a few drops of your dry oil on the lengths and ends. Your hair will be nourished and shiny without greasy effect.
  • during the manicure : you can massage your hands with a dry oil while insisting on the cuticles.
  • during the pedicure : often the feet are rough and very dry. Massaging them regularly with dry oil avoids the “dry feet” effect and ultimately unsightly crevices (in addition to a pedicure treatment at a podiatrist to maintain your feet).
  • in the bath : pour a little dry oil in the bath water for a soft and velvety skin. Something to die for !
  • after the shower : you can replace the usual body moisturizer with a dry oil. For the legs, make sure to apply it from bottom to top to boost circulation. Result : hydrated and satin skin.
  • before bedtime : to fall asleep in the best possible way, massage your face with your oil starting from the oval of the face towards the temples. Guaranteed cocooning effect.

satin skinsatin skin

My top 3 dry oils for summer

Laboté skin oil

The most luxurious of the selection because you can personalize your formula by responding to a specific diagnosis. Its composition is rich in Marula oil and vegetable Squalane brings nutrition and comfort to your skin.

Its essential oils rebalance the emotions, for a feeling of general well-being. Thanks to its fresh ingredients, the skin will be soft and silky from the first application.

Huile bienveillante Maison Payen

This Huile bienveillante with Saffron & Jasmine of Midnight is a natural dry oil with a light texture and not photo-sensitive (does not react to light), which combines the richness of the exceptional properties of White Olive Oil, with accents saffron and midnight jasmine.

Moisturizing for the face, softening for the body and nourishing for the hair, it reveals a refined fragrance, reminiscent of the counters of yesteryear.

Huile de beauté Embryolisse

The new launch of the brand, Embryolisse Huile de beauté is hydrating and nourishing. It combines the powers of 4 active vegetable oils, of natural origins : shea, pomegranate, lemon and apricot.

The formula is fine and not greasy. It leaves a satin veil on the skin. Its subtle and delicate floral fragrance is that of Concentrated Milk-Cream – for those who appreciate this best-seller, happiness is there !

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