My thoughts on the Dyson AM07 fan

Dyson AM07 fanDyson AM07 fan

Many of you have reacted to my Instagram outing where I mentioned the Dyson Am07 fan. Many of you have asked me what I think of this product so here it is !

Dyson AM07 fan : the product

This product is no longer really to present. This is the AM07 Dyson Cool tower fan. It is recognizable by its sleek design and white color. Its mission ? Cool off on hot days.

Like all Dyson products, its power and silence are put forward – as well as maximum safety since it is a fan without blades. So no risk for children to pinch their fingers.

Dyson guarantees optimal air flow throughout the room thanks to the Power and Air Multiplier technology of 26 Watts (56W maximum). Air Multiplier technology is precisely this mechanism without sharp blades, it has an amplifier ring in which the air is accelerated through the aerodynamic ramp (similar to the cross section of an airplane) which amplifies the breath of air . The air passing through the amplifier ring attracts the surrounding air with it. The motor propeller rotates at high speed and collects the ambient air at the base of the fan before being amplified.

The Dyson fan comes with a remote control that turns on and off and controls the power of the fan. An oscillatory function is also available (90° rotation).

The AM07 can be programmed to switch off after a specific time : from 15 minutes to 9 hours.

The fan is easy to clean since it does not have grilles or blades to disassemble. Simply wipe the product with a soft cloth to clean it.

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My opinion

I fall for the Dyson fan during the French Days – right when the heat wave. So I was able to take advantage of a small discount on a device that is quite expensive.

Indeed, its price is a little which can slow down the purchase. Like any Dyson device, it is on a budget and I think that the brand (like a certain fruit brand) introduces a so-called psychological price on these products.

When you receive the Dyson fan, it comes in three pieces – easy to clip and set up your device. Then just plug it in and you can start using it. The device only works with the remote control – so be careful, don’t lose it ! Nevertheless, Dyson planned everything, and the top of the fan is magnetized. The remote control is therefore placed there so as not to lose it.

I like its design and its very narrow volume – both on the ground and in space, the device is compact and can slip anywhere.

In terms of its efficiency, it produces a very pleasant and indeed very powerful air flow : at 4 or 5 (you can go up to power 10), we are pretty good. At maximum power, it blows seriously. Compared to other fans, it is quieter – the blades do not cut through the air and therefore the noise is lower.

Some people often think that this unit is an air conditioner. No, it is actually a fan. We can maybe gain 1 or 2 degrees with the fan but we do not create cold like an air conditioning.

Personally, I am satisfied with my purchase : compact, elegant, powerful – I am waiting to see the hot summer weather to complete my feedback !

Dyson Ventilateur Am07 (399 €)

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